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Symposium Spotlight: Erick Burgess

My name is Erick Burgess, and I'm a Senior Product Manager at ScienceLogic.

Meet me at Symposium 2020 Virtual, where I’ll be at the Logicians Corner booth Application Monitoring and APM Integrations. I’ll be showcasing how the ScienceLogic SL1 platform connects infrastructure to applications.

Having the ability to connect the dots of your mission-critical business applications and associate them with the underlying IT infrastructure to draw a detailed picture of your enterprise is so important because when something happens to one, it could affect the other. The ability to quickly zero-in on a cause and achieve fast resolution when there’s a negative event means less outages, reduced downtime, and happier customers.

Also at this year’s  Symposium, I will be demoing 12 PowerPacks. As a product manager, I’m responsible for about 60 PowerPacks which include VMware, Microsoft, APM integrations, and much more. We won’t have demos set up for all those, but all of them are fair game for questions, requests, and feature enhancements.

I look forward to seeing you at Symposium 2020 Virtual and discussing how seeing your entire infrastructure and understanding how it works together with your applications can help you solve business challenges.