Meet Our Exceptional 2024 Honorees

Shannon Hulbert, CEO
Mussab El Haran, Automation & integration Specialist
Nicolai Kildal, Sr Automation Architect
Ciaran Garvey, Director of Technology

Join us in applauding these visionaries who are driving transformative change:

Dan Buckley, Director Network Management Systems
Jeff Bailey, Manager, Managed Services Strategy, Tools, & Platforms
Hans Meldgaard, Senior Automation & Integration Specialist

Advocating for Customers

“Customer advocacy lies at the heart of ScienceLogic’s mission. This award underscores our commitment to not only showcasing customers’ achievements but also amplifying their impact on their business and the wider industry landscape.”

–Wendy Wooley, Vice President, Customer Experience at ScienceLogic

The easier it is for our customers and evangelists to articulate the value they generate and successes they enable with ScienceLogic solutions, the easier it is to make a compelling case for their leadership to support ongoing investment and innovations. We commend these forward-thinkers leading the charge in AIOps transformation. ScienceLogic is committed to championing their accomplishments and paving the way for a brighter, more connected future in autonomic IT.

Join our Pathfinders Program

Our Pathfinders Program is composed of an exclusive group of innovative customer evangelists who enable positive change for their companies, peers, and the larger IT industry. At ScienceLogic, your journey and story matter. Learn more about the Pathfinders Program and join our customer advocate community today.

Congratulations and thank you again to our 2024 Customer Success Honorees!