Align business with IT.

Enterprises are struggling to fully realize the impact of digital transformation in the midst of ephemeral, containerized, microservices-based infrastructure, and application technologies.

And, in the digital economy, the most successful, customer-focused, digital businesses are shifting their IT Operations objectives from Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) to Time to Business Impact (TTBI).

And that’s why IT business alignment is imperative. Efficiencies rise and revenues soar as IT becomes aligned with the business and transformed from a support function to a service provider, revenue generator, and business innovator.

This is where ScienceLogic can help.

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Here’s how we helped Cisco.

“We have to support our legacy business, and yet transform the experience of to meet the expectations of consumers as they engage in what they expect to be a platform for services.”

Bailey Szeto
VP, Customer & Seller eXperience – IT, Cisco


Transform IT using AIOps.

Get real-time IT operations data, in context.

“EMA research shows that inaccurate or ineffective data and warring or siloed tools are among the top two roadblocks to both digital and IT transformation.”

-Dennis Drogseth
VP of Research, EMA Research

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Digital Transformation in Action

“In addition to the cost-saving, the occurrence of overall incidents has declined by 98 percent over the past four years. While monitoring is not the sole reason for this improvement, it is a major factor.

Taken together, that’s a massive 97.6 days of processing time that went back into the business. We even set a record, going 290 days without a Severity 1 Incident. Those are valuable hours that we retained, instead of losing to various IT-related issues. I feel comfortable saying that the monitoring ability that ScienceLogic gave us accounts for a part of that.”

-Nick Truran
Head of IT, Liberty

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"Partnering with a managing services provider that utilises tools such as ScienceLogic’s has decreased our cost significantly and increased our capability and visibility."

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