Automatically Identify Root Cause, In Plain English, Without Digging Through Logs

When critical business services go down, metrics can alert you to the issue, but identifying the root cause requires a time-consuming search through log files.

ScienceLogic Zebrium AI Log Analysis does the heavy lifting for you, automatically ingesting and running machine learning (ML) log analysis across millions or billions of messages from log files across your applications and infrastructure — in real time — so you can identify and fix incidents more quickly.

Diagnose Issues 10x Faster with Automated Root Cause Analysis

When an application breaks, it’s a race against time to get it back online. Customers are frustrated, and critical resources are pulled from other work. ScienceLogic Zebrium AI Log Analysis eliminates much of the manual work required to diagnose root cause from logs using ML log analysis.

  • Processes enormous volumes of log messages in real-time to identify the root cause with machine learning
  • Dramatically reduce time to understand what is actually broken, indicates quickly where to begin troubleshooting and repair
  • No manual training required – unsupervised machine learning produces results in less than 24 hours

Identify Unknown Unknowns Before They Cause Incidents

The complexity of modern applications makes it challenging for any person to know what could break at any given time.

With Zebrium AI Log Analysis your team can catch new problems without manually building complex rules or trawling through log data.

  • Identify unusual or novel issues and associated root causes, even when you or your monitoring tool don’t know what to look for.
  • Correlate unusual behavior with recent changes and performance metrics so you can understand potential business or service impact.

Understand What is Happening, Even if You Don’t Speak Log

Because no two logs are alike, looking through logs is like deciphering a foreign language – even for experienced developers. Some words may look familiar, but each log has its own unique vocabulary and syntax.

  • Distill billions of log lines down to the few most salient to isolate root cause
  • Get plain language root cause summaries based on a natural language model with Generative-AI that understands your operations
  • Visualize the most important keywords from logs that describe the root cause

See Zebrium Insights Wherever You Work

Whether you are an SL1 customer or interested in standalone Zebrium AI Log Analysis to support automated root cause with your existing tools, flexible deployment options and integrations let you make the most of your investments.

SL1 + Zebrium

Do more with Zebrium and SL1

  • Speed creation, enrichment, and routing of tickets to the service desk for faster resolution
  • Automatically notify stakeholders of incidents and seamlessly collaborate with your team to resolve issues
  • Auto-detect and remediate recurring issues when root cause is confirmed
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Troubleshoot Problems Faster With Rich Integration

  • Turbocharge the effectiveness of APM, observability, notification, and collaboration tools you already use
  • Send root cause insights directly into the most common AIOps and Observability platforms your team relies on
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts and improve efficiency by keeping common incident and notification tools in sync to manage alerts and messages

Experience AI Powered Automated Root Cause Analysis