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Whether it’s preventing performance issues, identifying the root cause, or reducing MTTR, IT workflow automation can help solve and ease your daily operational challenges. Move away from working on manual, error-prone tasks towards intelligent automated workflows that deliver superior value and great customer experience. Don’t let disparate tools and manual processes slow you down. With IT workflow automation, you can transform your organization to thrive on speed, efficiency, and innovation.

Automate routine operational activities with the ScienceLogic SL1 platform.

It’s time-consuming to manually populate and reconcile a CMDB, manage incidents, or diagnose problems with multiple tools and data silos. You don’t have enough time to fix issues—much less, deliver innovative solutions to avoid issues and drive more value for your business. SL1 establishes a real-time operational data lake and applies context to drive IT workflow automation for CMDB population and synchronization, proactive incident management, problem diagnosis and resolution, and more.

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