GSIs deliver new value with the ScienceLogic SL1 platform.

77% of enterprises today expect to change their outsourcing relationships. Is your organization one of them? Leading GSIs choose SL1 to enable modern IT operations management for better outcomes. With SL1, GSIs accelerate cloud adoption, manage change, lower costs, and deliver digital-ready services for their clients. Ready to modernize? Talk with your GSI about SL1.

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Don’t let yesterday’s decisions hold you back.

Organizations like yours suddenly find themselves demanding more of IT outsourcers, requiring service, support, and reliability under unprecedented conditions and constraints. Decisions made years ago to stay with legacy IT operations management (ITOM) tools shouldn’t limit your ability to improve efficiency and deliver new digital business services while managing risks.

Client organizations like yours gain immediate value and benefits.

Make sure your current IT outsourcing solutions help you get better business outcomes. In partnership with your IT outsourcer, ScienceLogic can help you modernize your legacy ITOM tools. By making a switch to SL1, you’ll be able to gain real-time hybrid, multi-cloud visibility, focus on business-impacting issues, and drive business agility.

Reduce costs with automation.

Hybrid and multi-cloud IT systems escalate the volume, variety, and velocity of operational data used to automate. Reliable automation is data-driven and requires a single trusted source of actionable data.

SL1 provides a real-time, unified data lake—creating a common data model for driving intelligent automated workflows. With SL1, GSIs lower costs and speed resolution of service-impacting incidents.

98% reduction in service-impacting incidents

Focus on the right business-impacting issues to reduce risk.

Modern business services are based on complex and dynamic apps and infrastructure. Managing change requires a complete view of your constantly changing business services and how the app and IT components perform together.

SL1 is used to optimize business services and remediate service-impacting incidents. With SL1, GSIs track app and infrastructure relationships as they evolve in real time to prioritize work and avoid service outages.

Gain real-time hybrid, multi-cloud visibility.

Your business service deployment and quality depend on monitoring and optimizing performance across on-premises and cloud environments.

SL1 is used for monitoring any combination of apps, infrastructure, and cloud services. With SL1, GSIs obtain actionable insights to quickly identify and diagnose problems. Thereby, reducing costs and risk.

Upgrade and Secure Your Network and Server Monitoring

In response to intensifying network cyberattacks such as the recent SolarWinds “Sunburst” and “Supernova” vulnerabilities, many companies are seeing an opportunity to reevaluate and modernize their monitoring toolset.

With a secure, scalable, and future-proof I&O platform, ScienceLogic helps GSIs fulfill hybrid cloud monitoring and management needs— network, storage, servers, hyperscalers, microservices, serverless, containers, and more— with confidence, while reducing risk, and establishing the foundation to modernize and automate your IT operations.

Be ready for what’s next.

In today’s modern IT environments, agility requires machine learning and data-driven automation—the foundation for AIOps.

SL1 provides real-time visibility, relational context, and automation across changing hybrid IT landscapes. Make your ITOps to AIOps transformation initiatives a reality.

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