Latest Release: SL1 Golden Gate
Accelerate and Secure Your AIOps Journey

Experience the power of enhanced operational efficiency with ScienceLogic Golden Gate. SL1 customers seeking to streamline their IT operations, our latest solution brings a number of improvements and exciting features. With broader monitoring abilities and introducing integrated root cause analysis, we empower deeper insights allowing you to make swift, well-informed decisions. Propel your journey to AIOps faster with the optimized capabilities of ScienceLogic Golden Gate.

Faster Root Cause Analysis

When things don’t go as planned, gain a clearer starting point for your troubleshooting.

  • Integrate Zebrium’s with SL1 to identify root causes through insights gleaned from logs and machine learning.
  • Leverage new native log collection in Zebrium from of Amazon CloudWatch, VMware, Linux, Microsoft Azure, Windows, and Kubernetes

Anomaly Scoring

Ever ask yourself, “How unusual is this?” while examining peculiar incidents? SL1 Anomaly Scoring, a new feature of Golden Gate, offers an easy-to-understand anomaly scoring system.

  • Quickly identify the severity and determine if it merits further investigation.
  • Set up alerts based on anomaly scores, ensuring that notifications are only triggered when an event reaches desired thresholds.

Measure the Value of SL1

You know SL1’s event correlation is helping reduce your event noise, but you’ve never been able to measure it.

  • User configurable time savings allow you to quantify time saved on repetitive tasks.
  • Quickly spot the noisiest devices and event policies in your environment to improve your system tuning further.

Enhanced Meraki Support

With SL1, businesses can now monitor and manage their Meraki ecosystem and entire IT estate from a single pane of glass.

  • ScienceLogic ingests and analyzes events and data from Meraki’s wireless access points, switches, security appliances, and endpoint management software.
  • SL1 can scale to 100,000+ Meraki devices, providing you with the real-time alert, event visibility you need to ensure availability and performance SLAs can be delivered.