Building a resilient business

Resilience means the ability to provide uninterrupted mission-critical services in the face of disasters, cyberattacks, technical errors and other disruptions. This ability relies on the organization’s ability to recognise problems, react, and resolve them as quickly as possible. Thereby ensuring the stability and availability of services and applications.

The consequences of failing to achieve resilience are costly. According to Gartner, the average downtime event costs affected organizations $5,600 per minute. And when a breakdown in cyber resilience culminates in a data breach, the Ponemon Institute calculates the average cost at $4.5 million.

Governance, compliance, and cybersecurity frameworks offer an excellent opportunity for organizations to systematically build resilient operations.

Resilience and Compliance are Critical for MSPs

The U.S. Cyber & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and FBI issued a joint advisory with their “Five Eyes” peers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom warning of threats specific to Managed Service Providers, recommending that customers contractually obligate their partners to demonstrate security compliance.

Maintaining a security and network compliance program is a daunting task for MSPs that are responsible for their own systems as well as their customers. Without automation, vast amounts of costly human effort are required to perform checks to ensure that internal or customer network configuration and compliance policies are met.

Demonstrating compliance

Network compliance audits can be time-consuming and a drain on resources. Many network audit tools and checklists still require manual configuration to ensure that security compliance standards are met. Automated compliance monitoring can save you time and simplify your compliance audit procedures.

By automating network security compliance checks, Restorepoint can quickly help you manage network compliance auditing and reporting, saving most companies days of manual administration per month. Whether you need to meet security standards, regulatory standards, best practice or ensure your devices meet internal build standards, Restorepoint can automate the network audits and checks you need to always be compliant.

Monitoring and managing configuration change

Most regulatory and international compliance standards require organizations to manage and monitor change to reduce risk to the business and their customers.

However, in a modern business the network is a complex and fragmented architecture of multiple vendors, software versions and configurations.

Therefore, automating monitoring of changes – at the point of change – and automating bulk changes across the network has become vital to minimizing the risk from user error and recognising when malicious change occurs.

You can read here how Restorepoint is able to help customers recognise malicious changes, which can help detect zero day attacks.

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