What is IT infrastructure monitoring?

Customer experience has become one of the most important metrics of success. And good customer experiences rely on interconnected technologies and virtual machines working together to deliver information, transactions, and interactions to your end-user.

IT infrastructure is the collective grouping of interconnected technologies that include servers, routers, and networks in addition to software and data centers. IT infrastructure monitoring provides visibility into these technologies in order to actively diagnose performance and accessibility problems across the entire infrastructure—before an outage that hinders customer experience occurs.

IT infrastructure monitoring, which includes application monitoring, server monitoring, and network performance monitoring, provides you with the ability to see what is happening across your organization’s infrastructure to help teams predict and prevent outages—alerting your team to unplanned downtime, network intrusion, and resource saturation. When you have visibility into your entire infrastructure, the problems IT infrastructure monitoring tools alert you to are solved fast and effectively.

IT infrastructure Monitoring

Gain deep visibility for
multi-cloud, hybrid IT, and legacy infrastructure.

The ScienceLogic SL1 platform includes some of the broadest technology coverage in the industry and it can serve as the single source of truth for your IT needs. Beyond networks, servers, and operating systems, our monitoring solution covers all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Aliyun) as well as multiple virtualization solutions (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and KVM), storage arrays, unified communications and videoconferencing, and wireless.

Multiple locations are a challenge for IT to face because it can be difficult to identify and solve problems quickly.

Features & Benefits of SL1 IT Infrastructure Monitoring

What should you be looking for when selecting an IT infrastructure monitoring platform? Here are some key attributes to look for:

  • A single platform that handles hybrid IT use cases & eliminates the cost and complexity of multiple point tools
  • Cross-domain visibility: network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, virtual machine monitoring, & performance monitoring
  • More consistent operating processes
  • Reduced administrative burden on operations teams
  • Private, segmented views for each operations team (network, UC, server, cloud, etc.)
  • Ability to share views easily with management, internal and/or external customers
eliminate visibility gaps

Eliminate Visibility Gaps while Driving Tool Consolidation

Enterprises have significant gaps and overlap in visibility across the data center, cloud, and containers resulting in increased operational costs and conflicting sources of truth.

ScienceLogic SL1 helps consolidate and minimize tools, maximizes cross-domain visibility, overall performance monitoring, and reduces the total cost of ownership with a single platform.


Holistic IT Monitoring for Enhanced Business Services

ScienceLogic Business Service functionality groups devices into service-related views and monitors them as a holistic system – while also mapping applications to their underlying IT infrastructure. Newly enhanced Business Services include:

  • Application monitoring & visibility – see how infrastructure affects application performance
  • Business Service dashboard views
  • Incident management, enrichment, and automation via integration with ServiceNow

Gain real-time context for how everything – infrastructure, apps, data, virtual machines, and business services–works together.

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