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Centralize network device backups for over 100 vendors Reduce downtime with one–click disaster recovery. Store configurations securely to meet specific compliance requirements.

Configuration Management

Management of network device configurations, backup and recovery is a complex task— with Restorepoint you can centrally automate manual, error-prone, and often overlooked processes with to avoid financial and productivity loss.​ 

  • Automate and manually control devices, push changes to devices and device groups and run custom commands. 
  • Backup configurations automatically, on a schedule and on-demand. 
  • Backups are secured using AES encryption and integrity verified. 
  • Schedule maintenance and track information with custom asset database fields. 
  • Restore configurations at any time across your estate with 1 click. 
  • Quickly open a terminal session, record, playback and search administrator activity. 
  • Transfer backups securely using SFTP, CIFS or direct to Amazon S3 and Azure Storage. 

Configuration Monitoring

Configuration changes made maliciously or in error are the leading cause of cyber security breaches and downtime. With Restorepoint you can monitor configurations at the point of change, augmenting your change control and cyber security processes with real-time information. 

  • Manage known-good configurations against organizational or regulatory baselines with mirrored or manually configured templates. 
  • Automatically detect changes in network configurations and generate alerts through Email, SNMP and Syslog. Integrate with ScienceLogic SL1 for extended use cases. 
  • View the complete change history for any device and compare changes across your environment. 

Compliance Auditing & Reporting

Compliance audits can be time-consuming and a drain on resources. Restorepoint’s built-in compliance engine simplifies device auditing and detects policy violations. 

View a complete paper trail of changes made through the platform with full session auditing and comprehensive configuration change archive. 

  • Get continuous visibility of your network’s compliance status. 
  • Quickly build network configuration policies with free text, regular expressions, or LUA scripts. 
  • Evaluate multiple conditions programmatically. 
  • Test device configurations and automatically remediate compliance violations. 
  • Status dashboard with flexible reporting options . 
  • Detect policy violations faster on the device directly. 
  • Generate compliance alerts for your wider team. Integrate with ScienceLogic SL1 for extended business services use cases. 

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