Centralize Multi-Vendor Network Configuration, Change, and Compliance Management

Hybrid-cloud services and digital experiences are the lifeblood of any enterprise, and if the network doesn’t work, nothing works. While modern network environments continue to grow more complex, NetOps teams often struggle to ensure operational resilience, security and compliance due to non-centralized multi-vendor systems, poor visibility, and the pressures of change management and auditing.​ Network Automation is therefore vital to reduce incidences of network outages, security breaches and compliance failures.

  • Centralize backup and recovery of network and security devices – recover from outages caused by hardware or bad changes in seconds to increase availability and lower MTTR ​
  • Detect change and assess compliance automatically with every backup – always-on auditing reduces audit time and lowers risk​
  • Automate repetitive changes that tie-up skilled engineers – accelerate change and lower operational costs

Network Configuration Backup and Recovery​

Configuration backup and recovery is a complex task—centrally automate manual, error-prone, and often overlooked processes with Restorepoint to avoid financial and productivity loss.​

  • Centralize network device backups for over 100 vendors – eliminating human error​
  • Restore network devices faster from failure or misconfiguration. One click disaster recovery reduces downtime costs​
  • Comply to standards including PCI, GDPR, and NIST that require network configurations be backed up and stored securely

Change Detection and Compliance Auditing

Compliance audits can be time-consuming and a drain on resources. Restorepoint’s built-in compliance engine simplifies device auditing and detects configuration changes and violations. ​

  • Meet internal, best practice, or external network security standards such as PCI, GDPR, ITIL, ISO27001, NIST, SOX and HIPAA​
  • Detect and alert on change and compliance violations – enforce consistent baseline configurations​
  • Check firmware versions – ensure devices are using approved versions

Change Automation

Making change is labor-intensive and expensive. Restorepoint enables network engineers to make complex and repetitive changes in minutes rather than days or weeks.​

  • Provision standardized network devices faster in real time or through scheduled bulk updates with configuration templates​
  • Push Firmware – quickly manage rollouts to ensure your network is secure and consistent​
  • See exactly what was changed, and by whom, with full session recording and logging ​

Work Smarter with Integrated ITOps and NetOps

For ITOps teams responsible for delivering high-performing business services and user experience, given change is the top contributor to issues, it would be advantageous to unify performance data with detailed change and compliance audit data. Together Restorepoint and SL1 reduce MTTR by correlating network configuration, change, and compliance data with hybrid cloud performance data to avoid outages and help understand the impact of change on services and users.

  • Leverage SL1 discovery to onboard/align network devices with standardized configuration for better GRC enforcement​
  • Unify visibility and collaboration across NetOps and ITOps teams, along with a single ITSM integration ​
  • Speed service impact assessment and RCA with behavioral correlation of change, anomaly, and performance data

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