Traditional Siloed Monitoring Approaches Cause Visibility Gaps

IT environments today are rapidly shifting to a hybrid state comprised of private and public clouds, and a mishmash of monolithic and containerized, microservice-based application architectures. Forrester cites 33% of enterprises already have 20+ monitoring tools. Adding more domain-focused tools to the mix complicates things further. Why? Disconnected tools and datasets lead to incomplete visibility, and costly delays in the resolution of service-impacting issues.

ScienceLogic Eliminates Visibility Gaps in Hybrid Cloud

Keep Pace With Your Business—Monitor Any Technology. Any Vendor. Anywhere.

  • Combine datasets from 500+ technologies across your hybrid IT ecosystem into a real-time operational data lake using our integration library or build your own using our low-code SDK.
  • Monitor public clouds, serverless and microservices-based technologies, virtualization solutions, software-defined networks, servers, storage, IoT, unified communications, and more.
  • Avoid blind spots now—and in the future—as your IT environment rapidly and continuously evolves to incorporate new technologies.

Discover, Collect, & Fuse Data Into a Real-Time Operational Data Lake

  • Automatically discover physical, virtual, and software-defined infrastructure and applications across your hybrid IT universe. 
  • Collect, merge, and normalize a wide variety of data and metrics including performance, availability, logs, config, change, events, and topology from your apps, infrastructure, network, and third-party systems (APM, ITSM, etc.).
  • Leverage agentless and agent-based collection mechanisms such as SNMP, SSH, Python-based Snippets, APIs, and more.

Maintain Complete Visibility Across Your IT Estate

  • Gain real-time operational insights through configurable dashboards, maps, and reports.
  • Quickly assess impact, zero in on root cause, and remediate incidents through data-driven dashboards and automated workflows.
  • Synchronize data from your operational data lake with the rest of your IT management ecosystem (CMDB, CI/CD, provisioning, BI/Analytics, and more).

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