Stop the swivel. Unify NetOps for superior network service health.

When network management functions are separated, understanding service impact is challenging. It takes an inordinate amount of time swiveling from tool to tool to troubleshoot and remediate network issues. Unify network performance, configuration and change, and traffic flow analysis for high-efficiency workflows and improved user experience.

Unify network management with the ScienceLogic SL1 Platform.

NetOps is challenged to meet service levels with disjointed management systems. Switch to SL1 to get single-platform network operations, with seamless visibility and workflows. Deliver high-performing user experiences with unified SL1 network performance monitoring, configuration and change, and traffic flow analysis.

Eliminate performance visibility gaps across complex networks.

Organizations have big gaps in network visibility leading to high costs and poor customer experience—the single SL1 platform consolidates monitoring tools and fills gaps with full-service visibility.

  • Monitor real-time availability, health, risk, configuration, utilization, and capacity for any network technology or vendor.
  • Automatically collect performance data and events via SNMP, API, SSH, Syslog, agent-based, agentless techniques, and more.
  • Fuse data across modern network and multi-cloud into a real-time operational data lake to drive automated NetOps workflows.

Manage network configuration and change to speed root cause analysis.

Eighty percent of network outages are caused by change. Minimize impact with early change detection and correlation.

  • Unify change and performance data.
  • Correlate configuration changes with performance alerts to avoid outages and understand the impact of change on services and users.
  • Diagnose root cause faster by identifying changes related to performance degradation.

Analyze network bandwidth and traffic flow to avoid bottlenecks and dropped packets.

Understand how your network bandwidth is utilized in today’s connected digital world. If packets are dropped or don’t flow, users and customers are impacted.

  • Analyze NetFlow traffic including Top Applications and Top Talkers for improved incident management.
  • Understand service impact to avoid bottlenecks and dropped packets.
  • Diagnose event-to-NetFlow traffic in a single click.

Hear from our Customers

“Before adopting ScienceLogic, NetDesign’s client network was monitored and managed by several disparate tools. Now, 100% of the network infrastructure is monitored by ScienceLogic SL1. Management is simpler, more comprehensive, and more efficient.”

Doug James (DJ), Director, Technology and Business Management, Professional Services — NetDesign

"We needed a management solution that would support our current level of offerings around networks with things such as jitter, latency, and MOS for voice services. Just as important was the ability to support new technologies with servers, storage, and hybrid IT environments using public cloud offerings like AWS and Azure."

John Evans, CEO — Enablis

“ScienceLogic was our company's first successful effort to fully combine the monitoring of both corporate and branch networking infrastructure into a single management system. From a single dashboard, or in our case two running side by side, you could see everything from branch outages, VPN issues, hardware health, backup replication traffic, core switch health, and more.”

Britton Starr, Senior Data Network Analyst — OneMain Financial

Experience the difference.