ScienceLogic offers a comprehensive set of end-user training programs that can help your organization be more efficient and productive—immediately. The programs are delivered based on the unique roles and responsibilities of your IT team.

Get started with on-demand training

Elevate your skills with our comprehensive eLearning pathways, designed to empower you with essential SL1 knowledge in a self-paced learning experience. Both learning paths culminate with a certification exam.

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Professional Series

Introduction to the capabilities of SL1. Ideal for newcomers or those leveling up, this course cultivates vital SL1 expertise.

Expert Series

Addresses the advanced features of SL1 and ensures you have the technical expertise to use and maintain SL1 effectively.

Continue learning with instructor-led courses

Access expert guidance and connect with a community of learners while immersing yourself in our comprehensive programs, including hands-on lab experience. Take advantage of dynamic Q&A sessions with industry experts and benefit from insightful discussions and personalized advice.

SL1 Academy

Dive into onboarding, architecture, and customization using SL1. This virtual live course is four half-days and includes extensive hands-on labs.

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Dig deeper into selected topics and demos with this interactive series and participate by posing questions directly to our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for information or questions related to training?

All questions can be sent to: training@sciencelogic.com

What is ScienceLogic University?

A Learning Management System that gives you access to On-Demand (eLearning) or live virtual events to expand your knowledge on ScienceLogic.​

How do I create an account to access ScienceLogic University?

Your first step toward accessing ScienceLogic University is creating an account on support.sciencelogic.com using your work email address. ScienceLogic University is accessible to all our ScienceLogic customers.

Getting Started

How do I get to the on-demand training that is offered as part of my subscription/license?

Go to sciencelogic-university.litmos.com or support.sciencelogic.com, click Training on the dark blue bar and follow the instructions to sign up for your account. Use your work email address.

What are the on-demand, self-paced training courses?

ScienceLogic offers a variety of courses via eLearning. Among those to prepare for using SL1 are the Professional Series and Expert Series courses – all the same content as our Instructor-Led Sessions. This is a great place to begin your learning journey.

How much does training cost?

ScienceLogic is dedicated to enabling your team and providing a great customer experience. To accomplish this, there is a large amount of training that is included with your product purchase so you can get the training you need. Contact us» 

I want to sign up for SL1 Academy. Where can I see the courses and dates?

Check out the course dates and registration opportunities here sciencelogic-university.litmos.com 

I see training courses. Can I get certified?

Yes, certification assessments are available to everyone who has met certain levels of training. You can register yourself for the certification course through the ScienceLogic University once the prerequisites have been met (see course details for further information).

Do I have to take the certification tests for Professional and Expert?

The Professional and Expert certifications test is optional; learners may choose to only take the courses without obtaining their certification. You may move on to the Expert Series courses without taking the certification test; however, without the Professional Certification, you will not be able to obtain the Expert Certification.​

Can I pick and choose which sessions to take?

Learners may take the sessions at their own pace, but it is recommended the Professional Series be taken in order. For example, the session titled “Welcome to SL1 Unified UI” is the prerequisite for “Onboarding Devices.” You may take the Welcome to SL1 Unified UI eLearning as an alternative.

For the Expert Series, you may take these in any order and take all or just those that are of interest or are necessary.

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