Service providers scale services, revenues, and profits with the SL1 platform.

As a savvy service provider, you understand that meeting service level commitments, delivering innovative new services, maximizing operational efficiency, and increasing business agility aren’t just nice to have. They are critical ingredients for revenue growth and business success in a digital economy. Your call to action is to deliver services that help your customers thrive, and your business will thrive in return.

At ScienceLogic, we know service providers. The company was founded to support service providers, and with more than 15 years of experience, we understand your priorities and needs. That is why some of the most successful managed service providers chose to partner with us to meet their top priorities.

Fuel innovation with SL1.

Modernize your toolset.

Is your managed service provider toolset serving as an asset or liability? As you seek to deliver differentiated services in a highly competitive market, your automation and monitoring platform can either be a major asset or a major adversary.

Hundreds of MSPs have chosen SL1 because it’s an asset that fuels innovation. Whether your goals are to be relevant with digital enterprises, respond rapidly to business demands, or grow renewals and referrals, modernizing with SL1 can help your business too.

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ITOps to AIOps
Devices to Digital Services
Manual to Machine

Intelligent Tooling

SL1 helps transform ITOps to AIOps resulting in high-speed MTTR in digital environments. SL1 enables faster decisions, actions, and time to value for you and your clients.

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Business Service Health

SL1 can help you shift device-centric focus to digital business services. With full-stack data integration and visibility, you can align your offerings to optimize enterprise business service health.

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Automated Operations

SL1 moves manual event management to intelligent machine processing, including automated ticketing, troubleshooting, and remediation freeing you and your team to focus on high-value customer engagements.

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Monetize with SL1.

Given the enterprise’s need for modern monitoring solutions that handle today’s complex IT landscape of clouds, containers, and microservices—mixed with legacy infrastructure—you can make money by offering new monitoring services. These monitoring services can be hosted or managed.  ScienceLogic can help you define and roll out compelling new service offerings based on SL1– giving you a competitive advantage.

Monitoring as a Service: Managed
Monitoring as a Service: Hosted
Monitoring as a Service: Custom

Service Revenue Roadmap

SL1 can drive a Service Revenue Roadmap of commodity and specialized managed monitoring offerings for a broad technology portfolio.

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Hosted Monitoring

Once in place, SL1 provides new revenue opportunities for upselling enterprises to other managed monitoring services.

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Innovative Business Models

SL1 plays a significant role in powering innovative and differentiated services beyond the traditional focus of IT infrastructure monitoring.

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Maximize margins.

Many monitoring systems claim the ability to reduce operating costs.  Using extensive automation, SL1 delivers significant operational cost and time savings in areas such as customer onboarding, initial discovery, relationship mapping, incident automation, and fault triage.

With SL1, you can also improve your top-line revenue and gross margins by adding new, premium revenue streams—without adding license expense or development effort. Download the eBook to see how ScienceLogic can help you define differentiated service options to increase your overall operating margin and enhancing the value of your business. 

Gross Margins
Operating Margins
Total Economic Impact

Premium Service Offerings

SL1 can add incremental value and price uplift to your service offerings, commanding higher revenues, and netting significant gross margin and top-line improvements.

Service Optimization

SL1 moves you from a heavily human-centric operations model to one that is machine powered, driving savings that impact your business.

The Total Economic Impact™ of ScienceLogic SL1

Cost Savings and Business Benefits

NetDesign: $1.5M+ in operational savings
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Capgemini IT: Realized 111% ROI in six months
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