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Website Terms of Use

The following terms of use (“Terms of Use”) apply to all visitors to or users of this Web site (this “Site”), which Site is owned and operated by ScienceLogic, Inc. (“ScienceLogic”). Please feel free to browse this Site; however, your access and use of this Site is subject to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws. By accessing, browsing and/or using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept, without limitation or qualification, these Terms of Use. If you do not agree with any of these Terms of Use, do not use this Site. ScienceLogic reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter or otherwise update these Terms of Use at any time. By using this Site you agree to be bound by such modifications, alterations or updates and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then-current Terms of Use to which you are bound.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The documents and information on this Site are copyrighted materials of ScienceLogic, third parties or both. You are granted permission to display, copy and download the materials on this Site for personal, non-commercial use only, provided you do not modify such materials and that you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in such materials. Except as expressly permitted in the immediately preceding sentence, you may not reproduce in any form, or by any means (including without limitation by “mirroring” on another server) any portion of the materials on this Site without ScienceLogic’s prior written consent. The trademarks, logos and service marks (“Marks”) displayed on this Site are the property of ScienceLogic or third parties. You are not permitted to use the Marks without the prior written consent of ScienceLogic or such third party that owns the Mark. “ScienceLogic” is a trademark of ScienceLogic, Inc.

Any feedback or other information you provide at this Site shall be deemed to be non-confidential and ScienceLogic shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

Global Availability

Information ScienceLogic publishes on this Site may contain references or cross references to ScienceLogic products, programs and services that are not announced or available in your country. Such references do not imply that ScienceLogic intends to announce such products, programs or services in your country. Consult your local ScienceLogic business contact for information regarding the products, programs and services that may be available to you.

Limitation of Liability and General Disclaimer

ALL INFORMATION AND ANY SOFTWARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON THIS SITE IS PROVIDED “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. SCIENCELOGIC AND ITS SUPPLIERS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Although ScienceLogic has attempted to provide accurate information on this Site, information on this Site may contain inadvertent technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and ScienceLogic assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this Site. Information on this Site may be changed or updated without notice. ScienceLogic may also make improvements and/or changes in the products or services described on this Site at any time without notice.

This Site may contain links to third-party Internet sites. Your access to and use of any other Internet sites linked to this Site is at your own risk. ScienceLogic provides these links merely as a convenience and ScienceLogic does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content, or the use, of such sites, even if they contain a ScienceLogic logo. It is up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use is free of such items as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other items of a destructive nature. In addition, the mention of non-ScienceLogic products or services is for information purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation by ScienceLogic. ScienceLogic’s obligations with respect to its products and services are governed solely by the agreements under which they are provided. If you obtain a product or service from ScienceLogic through this Site that is provided without an agreement, that product or service is provided “AS IS” with no warranties whatsoever, express or implied, and your use of that product or service is at your own risk.


Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

This Site is controlled and operated by ScienceLogic from its offices within the United States. ScienceLogic makes no representation that materials on this Site are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to such materials from territories where their content is illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access this Site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

These Terms of Use shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within such Commonwealth. Any action you, any third party or ScienceLogic brings to enforce these Terms of Use or otherwise in connection with any matters related to this Site shall be brought only in the state or Federal Courts located in Fairfax County, Virginia, and you expressly consent to the jurisdiction of said courts.

Last updated February 21, 2006

Permissions and Trademarks

ScienceLogic Trademark Usage Guidelines


These ScienceLogic Trademark Usage Guidelines (these “Guidelines”) apply to all ScienceLogic organizations and employees worldwide and to ScienceLogic’s authorized resellers, customers, business partners, licensees, advertising agencies, consultants, professional writers and editors and any other third parties using or making reference to ScienceLogic Trademarks. These Guidelines set forth the authorized legal policies for using or referring to ScienceLogic Trademarks. The ScienceLogic Trademarks are among ScienceLogic’s most important and valuable assets.

A trademark is a word, name, symbol or device that is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others. A servicemark is the same as a trademark except that it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than a product. The terms “trademark” and “mark” are commonly used to refer to both trademarks and servicemarks. “ScienceLogic Trademarks” refer specifically to ScienceLogic’s master brand, namely ScienceLogic (and all associated logos and marks incorporating the master brand), and generally to all other product names, service names, program names, logos, design marks, slogans, trade dress and all other designations used to identify any product or service offered by ScienceLogic. “ScienceLogic” refers to ScienceLogic, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries, business units and divisions worldwide.

These Guidelines are not intended to be a definitive statement of proper trademark use. ScienceLogic reserves the right to oppose any use of the ScienceLogic Trademarks that ScienceLogic, in its sole discretion, deems unlawful or improper, even if such use is not expressly prohibited under these Guidelines. Further, ScienceLogic may revise these Guidelines from time to time in its sole discretion and without notice. It is your responsibility to comply with the most current version of these Guidelines. You should therefore periodically visit the Web site for updated versions of these Guidelines.
Guidelines for Use and Crediting of Trademarks

A. Rules of Proper Trademark Use

Proper use of ScienceLogic Trademarks reinforces their role as brands for ScienceLogic’s products and services, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone. Examples of former trademarks that became generic terms are “aspirin,” “cellophane” and “escalator.” By adhering to the following rules, you help protect ScienceLogic’s investment in the ScienceLogic Trademarks:

1. ALWAYS use ScienceLogic Trademarks as an adjective, accompanied by an appropriate generic noun. ScienceLogic Trademarks are adjectives and should not be used as nouns, verbs or in the possessive or plural form. Because a trademark is an adjective, you must use a generic noun in association with each ScienceLogic Trademark the first time the mark appears in text, and as often as reasonable after that. You need not include generic names in headlines, package titles and documentation titles.

For example:

    The benefits of EM7 solution Not: EM7’s benefits
    Two EM7 installations Not: Two EM7s

2. ALWAYS use ScienceLogic Trademarks in the ways they were intended to be used. Do not use ScienceLogic Trademarks for goods or services for which they were not originally intended. Do not make puns out of them or portray them in a negative light. Do not vary ScienceLogic Trademarks by changing their spelling, hyphenating them, abbreviating them or creating acronyms out of them. Review the ScienceLogic Trademark List to make sure that you are properly spelling and capitalizing marks.

For example:

    ScienceLogic certified partner program Not: SL certified partner program
    ScienceLogic Not: Science-Logic

B. Proper Trademark Attribution

Proper trademark attribution through trademark symbols and credit lines helps makes the public aware of ScienceLogic Trademarks, and helps prevent them from becoming generic terms. Credit lines also help clarify that the ScienceLogic Trademarks belong to ScienceLogic. Accordingly, you must attribute ownership of ScienceLogic Trademarks to ScienceLogic by using trademark symbols (TM or SM or ®) and credit lines as detailed below.

Trademarks may be designated by two types of symbols: TM (for goods) or SM (for services) for marks with pending applications to register and for unregistered common law marks, and ® for marks (for goods or services) registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The appropriate symbol is placed immediately after the trademark in superscript font (e.g., TM or SM or ®), but if such font is not available, then using the symbols in parenthetical form is also acceptable (e.g., (TM) or (SM) or (R)).

The ScienceLogic Trademark List attached to these Guidelines lists the ScienceLogic Trademarks with which you should use trademark symbols and the appropriate symbol to use. This list will be updated regularly.

1. Trademark Symbols

The following are guidelines for the use of trademark symbols:

  • On products and packages and in letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, foils, video, and other multimedia presentations:
  • Properly designate (with ®, TM or SM) all ScienceLogic Trademarks at the most prominent use (usually a headline) and again on the first occurrence in text or body copy.
  • In the case of presentation graphics, ScienceLogic Trademarks should be designated with the proper trademark symbol on each page, slide, and foil.
  • In the case of ScienceLogic Trademarks associated with multiple model numbers, such model number may appear after the ScienceLogic Trademark and before the appropriate noun or product name. For example: EM7TM E1500 IT Management System
  • In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles, properly designate (with ®, TM or SM) all ScienceLogic Trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines and on the first occurrence in EVERY article in which they are used.
  • In brochures, annual/quarterly reports, books, technical documentation, and other bound documents, properly designate (with ®, TM or SM) all ScienceLogic Trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in text.
  • In all charts or graphs, properly designate (with ®, TM or SM) all ScienceLogic Trademarks, as such charts and graphs could be copied or pulled and used independently.
  • In all tag lines incorporating a trademark slogan, e.g. “[ScienceLogic Inside]. TM”, always use the trademark symbol in every reference.

Please note that laws concerning use of trademarks or product names vary by country. Some countries have severe criminal and civil penalties for improper use of the registration symbol. Therefore, do not use the registration symbol (®) in countries where the trademark has not been registered. Always consult a local attorney for additional guidance.

2. Credit Line

All written text (including text on or in product packaging, manuals, advertisements, promotional materials and Web pages) bearing ScienceLogic Trademarks should include the following trademark attribution line crediting ownership of ScienceLogic Trademarks to ScienceLogic:

“ScienceLogic, EM7 and their logos are trademarks of ScienceLogic, Inc. in the United States, other countries or both.”

This attribution line can be modified to include only the ScienceLogic Trademarks referenced in a specific piece of written text. For example, if the written text references only the non-stylized ScienceLogic mark (but not the ScienceLogic logo), the applicable attribution line should read:

“ScienceLogic is a trademark of ScienceLogic, Inc. in the United States, other countries or both.”

The credit line may appear anywhere on the text, but typically is displayed on a copyright page, the back of a package or at the end of a document or Web page.

C. Use of ScienceLogic as Trade Name

Trade names are the actual business names of companies. Trademarks and trade names are not the same, even though many companies use their trade names as trademarks. If you are using “ScienceLogic” as a substitute for ScienceLogic, Inc., you are using it as a trade name. Because they are nouns, trade names can be used in the possessive and do not require a generic term or a trademark symbol. Thus, you should not use a TM after “ScienceLogic” when it appears as part of the full corporate name or as a trade name.

For example:

Corporate Name: This system is offered by ScienceLogic, Inc.
Trade Name: This system is offered by ScienceLogic.
Trade Name: ScienceLogic’s latest IT management offerings are outstanding.
Trademark: The ScienceLogicTM IT management system offerings lead the industry.

Third-Party Use of ScienceLogic Trademarks

Except for permissible uses of ScienceLogic Trademarks (but not logos) as further described below, all third-party use of ScienceLogic Trademarks requires an express prior written license or permission from ScienceLogic. Such license or permission may be contained in your written agreement with ScienceLogic. If you have a written agreement with ScienceLogic governing your use of any ScienceLogic Trademarks, you must follow any additional or different requirements contained in such agreement applicable to your use of ScienceLogic Trademarks.

If you do not have an applicable written agreement with ScienceLogic permitting your use of ScienceLogic Trademarks, your use of ScienceLogic Trademarks (other than the permissible uses set forth below under “Permissible Use”) requires ScienceLogic’s express prior written permission. Please forward your written request, along with a detailed description of the intended use, to trademarks(at) and we will respond to your written request via e-mail. For the avoidance of doubt, these Guidelines do not constitute ScienceLogic’s permission to use any of the ScienceLogic Trademarks.

After you have obtained the necessary written permission or license from ScienceLogic to use the ScienceLogic Trademarks, your use of the ScienceLogic Trademarks will be governed by the terms and conditions of these Guidelines and any other applicable agreements and written guidelines provided by ScienceLogic (such as logo usage guidelines). If there is a conflict among the terms in (i) these Guidelines (including any permissible uses described below), (ii) your applicable written agreement or permission and (iii) any other written guidelines applicable to your particular use of ScienceLogic Trademarks (e.g., logo usage guidelines), the terms of the other applicable written guidelines prevail over the terms of these Guidelines, and the terms of your applicable written agreement or permission prevail over the terms of these Guidelines and the other applicable written guidelines.

A. Permissible Use

You may make “fair use” of ScienceLogic Trademarks (but not logos) in order to make true and non-misleading factual statements about ScienceLogic and ScienceLogic products or services. In addition, you may make “fair use” of ScienceLogic Trademarks (but not logos) to truthfully communicate that your product or service is compatible with, or was designed for use with, a ScienceLogic product or service by using accurate, descriptive taglines such as “for use with ScienceLogic EM7 enterprise management systems” and “works with ScienceLogic EM7 software” in connection with your product or service name, provided such use is not misleading as to ScienceLogic sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company or your products or services. Within text or body copy, such taglines may appear in the same type as your product or service name. On product, packaging, advertising and other collateral where your product or service name is displayed apart from body copy, make sure that the tagline appears in significantly smaller type than your name. You should also distinguish the tagline from your mark by using a different font or color. This is important to avert any implication that your product or service is produced or endorsed by ScienceLogic.

B. Prohibited Uses

You may not use ScienceLogic Trademarks in a manner that could cause confusion as to ScienceLogic sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company or your products or services. Take particular care not to use ScienceLogic marks as set out below:

1. Company, Product or Service Names. Do not use ScienceLogic Trademarks or potentially confusing variations as all or part of your company, product or service names without an express written agreement from ScienceLogic permitting such use (consult your applicable agreement with ScienceLogic to determine whether and under what circumstances you can use ScienceLogic Trademarks in this way). If you wish to note the relationship of your products or services to ScienceLogic products or services, please use an appropriate tagline as detailed above under “Permissible Use.”

For example:

XYZ for EM7 IT management Not: EM7 XYZ or XYZ EM7

2. Domain Names. Do not use ScienceLogic Trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your Internet domain name. This helps prevent Internet users from being confused as to whether you or ScienceLogic is the source of the Web site.

3. Logos. ScienceLogic generally does not permit third party use of its logos or design marks, and you should not use them unless you have a written agreement or written permission from ScienceLogic expressly allowing such use. Written requests for written permission, along with a detailed description of the intended use, should be forwarded to trademarks(at) and we will respond to your written request via e-mail. If you have met ScienceLogic’s requirements to obtain a license or permission to use a ScienceLogic logo and have a valid logo agreement or written permission currently in effect with ScienceLogic, use of that logo must conform to the terms of the applicable agreement or written permission. Guidelines for using ScienceLogic logos will vary depending on the logo program and the terms of your written agreement or permission and will not be addressed in these Guidelines. For example, different logo programs may have additional or different requirements so you must consult the guidelines applicable to the specific logo for any additional or different requirements applicable to your use of ScienceLogic logos. If you wish to inquire about a particular logo program such as the “ScienceLogic Certified Partner” logo program, please contact your ScienceLogic account manager or sales representative.

4. Trade Dress. You must not imitate ScienceLogic trade dress, type style or logos. For instance, do not copy ScienceLogic packaging for use with your product or service or display your product or service name in the distinctive logotype associated with the ScienceLogic logo.

5. Other Prohibited Uses. You may not use the ScienceLogic Trademarks in violation of any applicable laws or governmental regulations. You may not use the ScienceLogic Marks in connection with any disparaging statements about ScienceLogic or its products or statements that otherwise reflect poorly on ScienceLogic or impair the value of, or goodwill associated with, the ScienceLogic Marks.

C. Policing

In the U.S. and other jurisdictions, trademark owners have a duty to police the use of their marks. Therefore, if you become aware of any improper use of ScienceLogic Trademarks, including infringement or counterfeiting by third parties, report them to ScienceLogic’s legal department immediately. Report as much detail as possible about the misuse, including the name of the party, contact information, and copies or photographs of the potential misuse.

If you have questions or would like further information regarding ScienceLogic Trademarks or these Guidelines, please contact ScienceLogic’s Marketing Department at:

Address: ScienceLogic Marketing Department
ScienceLogic, Inc.
10700 Parkridge Blvd. Suite 200
Reston, VA 20191
Fax: 571-336-8000
Phone: 800-SCI-LOGIC
Email: trademarks(at)

Last updated March 29, 2010

ScienceLogic Trademark List

Below is a list of trademarks and service marks that should be credited to ScienceLogic, Inc. The ® and TM symbols reflect the trademark registration status in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may not be appropriate for materials to be distributed outside the United States.


  • ScienceLogic™
  • EM7™
  • Simplify IT™
  • Transforming IT Management™
  • Dynamic Application™
  • Relational Infrastructure Management™
  • EM7 G1™
  • EM7 G2™
  • EM7 G3™
  • EM7 Integration Server™
  • E1500 EM7 All-in-one Management System™
  • E2500 EM7 All-in-one Management System™
  • E4500 EM7 All-in-one Management System™
  • E6500 EM7 All-in-one Management System™
  • E6500EX EM7 All-in-one Management System™
  • D2500 EM7 Database™
  • D4500 EM7 Database™
  • D6500 EM7 Database™
  • D6500EX EM7 Database™
  • A1500 EM7 Application Server™
  • A2500 EM7 Application Server™
  • C500 EM7 Remote Collector Server™
  • C1500 EM7 Remote Collector Server™
  • C2500 EM7 Remote Collector Server™
  • C4500 EM7 Remote Collector Server™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 2500™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 2500 – High Availability™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 5000™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 5000 – High Availability™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 10000™
  • EM7 G3 Database Server 10000 – High Availability™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 50 Virtual™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 50™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 100™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 250™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 500™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 1000™
  • EM7 G3 Application Server 250™
  • EM7 G3 Application Server 500™
  • EM7 G3 Integration Server 250™
  • EM7 G3 Integration Server 500™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 50 Virtual™
  • EM7 G3 Messaging Collector 50™
  • EM7 G3 Data Collector Unit 100™
  • EM7 G3 Messaging Collector 250™
  • EM7 G3 Messaging Collector 500™
  • EM7 G2 Database 2500™
  • EM7 G2 Database 4500™
  • EM7 G2 Database 4500EX™
  • EM7 G2 Database 2500 – Disaster Recovery™
  • EM7 G2 Database 4500 – Disaster Recovery™
  • EM7 G2 Database 4500EX – Disaster Recovery™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 50V™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 500™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 1500™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 2500™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 50V – Redundant™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 500 – Redundant™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 1500 – Redundant™
  • EM7 G2 Collector 2500 – Redundant™
  • EM7 G2 Application Server 1500™
  • EM7 G2 Application Server 2500™
  • EM7 G2 Application Server 1500 – Redundant™
  • EM7 G2 Application Server 2500 – Redundant™

Website Privacy Policy

Our Online Privacy Statement

ScienceLogic, Inc. (“ScienceLogic,” “we” or “us”) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information entrusted to us on our Websites, including but not limited to and and (the “Websites”). This Privacy Statement explains our online privacy practices and applies to those Websites that display or link to this Privacy Statement.

Information that We Collect

We ask for and maintain personal information about you for purposes including providing you a better, more personal experience on our Websites and to deliver relevant information, products and services. Throughout this Privacy Statement, we refer to information that personally identifies you as Personal Information. “Personal Information” is any information that can identify you as an individual, such as your name, postal or e-mail address, phone number, occupation or personal interests.

When you visit our Websites, you may provide us with two types of information: (1) Personal Information that you choose to enter and submit to us, including your name, email address and interests and (2) general user information that does not contain Personal Information, including your IP address, the type of browser you use, and the referrer ID. General user information is aggregated with information from other users and analyzed to help ensure that our Websites accommodate the widest number of user preferences. In some cases, if you choose not to provide us with requested information, you may not be able to access all of the Website’s content or services.

How We Use Your Personal Information

In general, we use Personal Information in order to:

  • respond to your requests for information;
  • provide you with products and services; and
  • provide you with additional information that may be of interest, including marketing materials from us.


Like most other commercial websites, we use standard “cookie” technology and web server logs to collect information about how our Websites are used. A cookie is a small data file that is stored by your web browser on your hard drive. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to track the pages you’ve visited, but the only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. A cookie can’t read data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. By using cookies, we are able to recognize you when you revisit our Websites, and to remember certain information provided by you, such as your contact information. Some parts of our Websites use cookies to track user traffic patterns, which helps us determine the usefulness of our Website information to you and to see how effective our navigational structure is in helping you reach that information. We do not correlate this information with data about individual users, nor do we sell this information to any third party.

If you prefer not to receive cookies on our Websites, you can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when your browser alerts you to its presence. You can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser. You do not need to have cookies turned on to use any area of our Websites.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We may disclose your Personal Information to our approved third party affiliates for the purpose of responding to your requests for information, products or services. ScienceLogic may provide aggregated statistics about users to third parties, but such information will be aggregated so that it does not identify any particular individual or company. We may also disclose any information as permitted or required by law or to protect our legal rights or in connection with the transfer of the assets our businesses.

Choice to Opt-Out

We may periodically send you relevant ScienceLogic and industry information. If you no longer wish to continue receiving such information, please contact ScienceLogic Marketing as described below and let us know. Alternately, you can also opt-out of receiving marketing e-mails from us at any time by following the opt-out instructions provided on every e-mail. In addition, you may request that ScienceLogic modify or delete your registered Personal Information by contacting ScienceLogic Marketing as described below. However, if you are a ScienceLogic customer, please note that we will continue sending you notices and important information affecting your account and our products and services.


ScienceLogic uses reasonable security measures to safeguard the Personal Information we collect. Despite security measures employed by ScienceLogic, you should be aware that it is impossible to guarantee absolute security with respect to Personal Information sent through the Internet.

Links to Third-Party Sites

Our Websites may contain links to third-party websites for your convenience and information. If you access those links, you will leave the ScienceLogic Websites. ScienceLogic provides these links merely as a convenience and ScienceLogic does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the content or the use of such websites, even if they contain a ScienceLogic logo. ScienceLogic does not control these third-party Websites or their privacy practices, which may differ from ScienceLogic’s privacy practices. The Personal Information you choose to provide to, or that is collected by these third-party websites, is not covered by the ScienceLogic Privacy Statement. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of any third-party Website before submitting your Personal Information to such Website.


We may modify this Privacy Statement without prior notice. In the event we update or modify this Privacy Statement, ScienceLogic shall endeavor to post such updates or modifications on this Website for a period of thirty (30) days following any such modifications. We advise you to review this Privacy Statement occasionally. Your continued use of our Websites subsequent to ScienceLogic’s notice of modification of this Privacy Statement shall constitute your acceptance of the modified Privacy Statement.


If you feel that ScienceLogic or any of our partners, representatives or employees, is violating this Privacy Statement, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement or ScienceLogic’s treatment of Personal Information, please contact us via e-mail at marketing[at], by telephone at 703.354.1010 or by postal mail at:

ScienceLogic, Inc.
Attention: Marketing Department
10700 Parkridge Blvd. Suite 200
Reston VA 20191
United States

Last Updated 10/21/08

Copyright © 2008 ScienceLogic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

508 Compliance Statement

ScienceLogic is committed to the Section 508 Rehabilitation Act. The Act which was created in 1998, requires that when Federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology, they shall ensure that the electronic and information technology allows employees with disabilities to have access to and use of information and data that is comparable to the access to and use of information and data by employees who are not individuals with disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the agency.

ScienceLogic provides for the visually impaired via audible alarms and compatibility with standard web browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Our goal is for total access. Please let us know if you have a comment or suggestion that will help us improve by emailing us at