Monitor to eliminate hybrid IT visibility gaps while driving tool consolidation.

Organizations have big gaps in hybrid IT infrastructure, leading to high costs and poor customer experience—the single ScienceLogic SL1 platform consolidates monitoring tools and fills gaps with full-service visibility.

  • Unify physical, virtual, software-defined, and cloud-based network, storage, and server monitoring.
  • Automatically collect data via SNMP, API, SSH, Syslog, agent-based, agentless techniques, and more.
  • Fuse data across on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructure into a real-time operational data lake.

Assess service impact to avoid service outages.

Ensuring optimal service performance across hybrid IT infrastructure is complex—shift from device to service-centric monitoring with SL1 to proactively avoid service-impacting outages.

  • Automatically map and track infrastructure, application, and service dependencies to understand business impact.
  • Measure service health, availability, and risk in a single real-time dashboard.
  • Prioritize work based on business impact with the ability to drill down to root cause quickly.

Isolate root cause faster with
ML-based behavioral correlation.

Modern IT infrastructure complexity is outpacing human capacity for analysis and response—leverage SL1 machine learning-based behavioral correlation and anomaly detection to accelerate root-cause analysis.

  • Automatically detect weird and anomalous patterns and shapes of performance data.
  • Auto-correlate events and anomalies to reduce noise, identify service-impacting issues.
  • Quickly assess and isolate the root cause of an issue.

Troubleshoot and fix issues automatically for faster MTTR.

ITOps wastes time manually diagnosing and fixing issues using a variety of tools—accelerate troubleshooting and repair with hundreds of best practice automated actions executed in one platform.

  • Automatically capture real-time diagnostic data at the time an event occurs.
  • Create and enrich events/incidents with real-time diagnostic information.
  • Run recommended triage and remediation actions from within a single command center.

Automate operational data workflows for performance insights.

Organizations require consistent data across their ecosystem of tools—SL1 supports a common operating model that powers automated workflows for efficiency and agility across operations and LOB.

  • Achieve CMDB accuracy with real-time sync of your monitored hybrid IT environment.
  • Resolve incidents faster with automated ticketing.
  • Automate CI lifecycle, configuration, change, problem, compliance management, and more.

Extend service visibility with
build-your-own integrations.

Integrate and orchestrate people, systems, and processes across teams so your business can continue to evolve—extend performance monitoring, synchronization, and automation across specialized/new systems.

  • Build your own monitoring via API, SSH/CLI, REST, JMX, and more.
  • Quickly author low-code automated IT and data synchronization workflows.
  • Monitor and automate unique or custom technologies, processes, and workflows at your own pace.

SL1 Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

With 500+ pre-built integrations, spanning over 100 vendors and thousands of device types, ScienceLogic supports the most commonly deployed infrastructure, application, and cloud technologies.

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