Latest Release: SL1 Hollywood
Designing a better AIOps outcome

Accelerate your AIOps journey and confidently support changing business requirements with ScienceLogic’s newest platform release, Hollywood. Hollywood, SL1 12.2, delivers integrated, human-friendly AI and a new user experience designed to alert teams to issues sooner so your organization can resolve issues in less time. Combined with the new SL1 Studio, which enables you to easily onboard and monitor IT devices unique to your environment, IT operations teams can close visibility gaps, resolve issues sooner and support business innovation. To see all that is new with ScienceLogic, download our latest SL1 data sheet.

Human Ready AI Insights

Automatically identify root cause up to 10x faster and enable more of your staff to act with integrated generative AI capabilities. 

AI/ML correlates & analyzes events from all related devices to find root cause. It learns from your ecosystem to improve root cause accuracy and anomaly detection.  

  • Handles identified issues and anomalous behavior without training. 
  • Generative AI output delivers easy-to-use recommendations, enabling fast action by more of your staff without research. 
  • > 95% accuracy ensures insights are correct and issues fixed the first time. 

At-a-Glance AIOps Awareness

SL1’s enhanced UI is designed to allow a seamless experience and reduce time spent troubleshooting performance issues. Quickly drill into problematic devices or services from enhanced SL1 Business Services views. 

  • New Business Service view allows for easier correlation of events and their impact. 
  • AI/ML insights are integrated throughout SL1 allowing for quicker resolutions. 
  • Improved device details provides more performance and configuration insights. 

New Workflow Automations

Enable faster action and knowledge sharing for more coordinated response efforts. New workflow integrations help reduce notification time while leveraging your existing tools and processes. 

  • Alert and synchronize IT teams and decrease response time with Slack notifications. 
  • Integrate with Jenkins to optimize developer build and test pipelines. 
  • Synchronize Google Cloud Platform tasks, errors, and messages with SL1 to reduce time spent across multiple cloud provider dashboards. 

Simple Extensibility

Close visibility gaps and quickly onboard assets that are unique to your environment with SL1 Studio low / no-code tools that reduce custom monitoring build time by 8x. 

  • SL1 Studio delivers multiple low-code toolkits designed to build custom PowerPacks to onboard and monitor unique devices and services. 
  • Accelerate creation with a snippet framework allowing for reusability and lower coding knowledge. 
  • Ensure quality with the PowerPack quality assessment tool to test and verify PowerPacks before production.