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A Summer in IT, AirBnB, & B2B

As the Marketing Intern at ScienceLogic I realize my experience was all this and so much more.

Choosing ScienceLogic

After submitting numerous applications, attending countless interviews, and sorting through multiple offers, I found myself accepting a summer internship 582 miles from my home.

For many, the idea of accepting an internship far from home may be daunting but I knew when I applied to ScienceLogic, if given the chance, I’d be packing my bags and heading to Virginia. To have the opportunity to work for a company that embraces innovation, experience the explosive growth of the tech industry, and prove myself was everything I wanted. And it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.

The Intern Experience

As the Marketing Intern at ScienceLogic, a hybrid IT service assurance company, I got the chance to learn from proven business practices, network with intelligent individuals, and develop essential marketing skills. Now nearing the end of the summer, I realize my experience was all this and so much more.

My first few weeks were jam-packed with events that not only introduced me to ScienceLogic’s amazing corporate culture, but also taught me the nuisances of business in the tech industry. From marketing meetings and trade shows to intern scavenger hunts and escape rooms, my time at ScienceLogic has been instrumental in shaping my career goals.

Interns at ScienceLogic

Interns Jay and Thi illustrate their understanding of Agile through an Intern team building LEGO assignment.

ScienceLogic provided all the resources I needed to be successful. Hilary, my manager, enabled me to participate in numerous meetings, work on projects that have a real impact, and shaped my internship to parallel my interests. My mentor, Alyssa, took the time to make me feel welcome at ScienceLogic, taught me creative skills, and provided ample career advice. Without these pillars of support, moving to a new city and starting a new job would have been extremely overwhelming. With their help and words of encouragement I have worked on ScienceLogic’s social media campaigns, marketing content, ABM efforts, and more.

I could not have asked for a better manager or mentor.

Just the Beginning

I have to imagine that the other interns at ScienceLogic, although they work in different departments, are having a similar experience. The overwhelming kindness, challenging work problems, and hardworking people at ScienceLogic have made these past four weeks a transformative career experience. I cannot wait to see what these next few weeks hold.

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