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4 Lessons Learned from Cloud Expo Asia

Once customers understood the power of AIOps, they could see how ScienceLogic’s approach was gaining traction in the market.

The theme “Technology beyond your imagination,” perfectly encapsulated the mood and insight at CloudExpo Asia. The conference provided a fantastic opportunity to hear what’s taking place in the North Asia market, and allowed for us to share what we’re working on with our SL1 AIOps platform and overall strategy for hybrid IT.


Erik Rudin, VP of Business Development and Alliances, ScienceLogic

Although the term AIOps was relatively new for many attendees, the concept of driving actionable insights while bringing context to operational Big Data through automation was incredibly well received. In the course of event discussions, one reoccurring theme that kept popping up was the degree to which hybrid cloud has finally tipped the scales against legacy tools and operational platforms. Digital disruption is hitting Asia and customers are rethinking how to deliver world-class services in a dynamic and ephemeral world.


As the team and I discussed initial findings and feedback, we concluded that there were four powerful themes emerging:

1. Traditional service providers are re-platforming into Managed Cloud Service Providers (CSP) – The North Asia market has many established service providers. Some are massive telcos trying to innovate while others are traditional hosting providers evolving their businesses into the cloud. We are empowering these up and coming CSP’s with newer approaches to hybrid cloud management by modernizing old business processes and enabling digital platforms. Our technology creates more agility and faster time-to-market, which becomes a disruptive force to the establishment.

2. Business models are changing the channel landscape – Moving to SaaS, IaaS or PaaS can put extreme pressure on the way you conduct business. We heard from our channel partners that enterprises are demanding support of these new cloud based architectures. To reap the benefits of hybrid cloud, you need to evolve the way you engage and deliver services. Those that can evolve faster and develop richer customer experiences are going to win more cloud business.

3. Don’t underestimate the gaps in visibility – One consistent theme that customers shared with us are their growing concerns over lack of visibility when leveraging newer cloud technologies.  This includes the evolution of the network to SDN and SD-WAN.  The old paradigms for network and infrastructure discovery aren’t delivering the necessary insight in real-time state and configuration.  When this gets combined with cloud services, log and security management data, customers are struggling to detect and resolve incidents that their teams require.

4. The learning gap and new opportunity for re-training – Most customers comprehend the potential for automation. However, they don’t know how to maximize the newer platforms that are currently available. There is a growing gap of trained professionals that truly understand how to leverage automation to improve business outcomes for their companies.  Part of this is lethargy caused by older technology and platforms. Advancements in digital platforms such as AWS and Google is forcing the workforce to develop new skills. Hybrid cloud is driving the holistic need for re-platforming your operational systems.


The timing for CloudExpo Asia was perfect as it comes off the heels of our SL1 release announcement.  Our team could see the need to help modernize IT operations and evolve out of the shadows from legacy platforms and processes.  Once customers understood the power of AIOps, they could see how ScienceLogic’s approach was gaining traction in the market.  We are looking forward to continued channel partner growth in North Asia and helping fill the gap created by legacy vendors.


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