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Value-Added Reseller Partner Program

ChannelLogic is ScienceLogic’s Value-Added Reseller partner program. The key to this global program is that ScienceLogic will enable its partners to resell, create, and grow their managed services, so their clients can consume the solution in a way that makes sense to them. We’ve made great strides by creating very strong partner enablement programs, including: Partner Professional Training, Ultimate Test Drive, and leveraging existing resources on the ScienceLogic Customer Portal.

Part of our job is to help our partners profit with as little investment as necessary. So, we’ve designed fast-paced, easily digestible educational content to keep things moving. By participating in our enablement, our partners can create new revenue streams, reduce costs and time to value, and produce recurring revenue for years to come, thus increasing the overall value of the partner’s firm.

We look forward to partnering with you and furthering your business. Please submit your information below to learn more about our program.