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Hybrid IT Monitoring

What is Hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT combines cloud technologies along with in-house data centers, ensuring a robust group of IT properties is not all contained in the same space.

Businesses that utilize a hybrid IT model obtain part of their IT resources from a private/public provider of cloud services. Hybrid IT enables you to save money by allotting your IT resources to external cloud vendors—helping your organization maintain the rest of your IT catalog on your own servers.

What are the benefits of hybrid IT?

Hybrid IT has certain advantages, including the ability to potentially save valuable time, money, and effort. What makes hybrid IT especially worthwhile is that it shares the responsibility for data management and allows for innovation and change while maintaining certain data and legacy applications to operate on-premises.

Hybrid IT can also improve security by separating your data. This duality offers an extra layer of protection to clients and the outfit itself. Having sensitive data housed on-site that is managed by your organization itself rather than having it all reside elsewhere on the cloud may put some clients more at ease.

How can ScienceLogic help?

If you are currently flying blind as you try to see the performance of IT workloads across your private and public clouds, look no further. ScienceLogic Hybrid IT monitoring will show you clouds as you’ve never visualized them before.

Gain complete visibility of all your IT resources, no matter where they are. You’ll see everything—end to end, on- and off-premises—even the interdependencies of technologies across clouds.

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