ScienceLogic Integrations

The all-in-one ScienceLogic SL1 platform integrates every technology you'll ever use.

Harmonize your ecosystem with 1000+ integrations.

Leverage ScienceLogic’s extensive library of pre-built integrations or ‘PowerPacks’ to make your data flow across your IT environment. Gain visibility across all your technologies, apps, and services, ensure consistent data across your management ecosystem, and automate IT workflows to keep pace with your business. For custom integrations, leverage our flexible SDK.

Monitor any technology, any vendor.

Synchronize data across multiple systems.

Automate IT workflows.

PowerPacks provide out-of-the-box business agility.

What is a PowerPack?

Each PowerPack can define what data to collect, how to synthesize and evaluate any combination of data to generate actionable events, what automations to trigger when events occur, and how to present the data and events within role-specific dashboards and reports.

Monitoring PowerPacks provide real-time visibility and context into multi-vendor network, storage, compute, cloud, application, IoT, and unified communication systems and environments.

Synchronization PowerPacks enable data federation and IT workflow automation with your IT management ecosystem tools including ITSM Service Desk, CMDB, notification tools, and more.

Automation PowerPacks leverage a vast library of Best Practice Automations that you can refine and extend to automate troubleshooting and remediation steps and processes.

Build your own PowerPacks

Have custom equipment or applications that you need to harmonize with the rest of your IT environment? We’ve got you covered. ScienceLogic’s flexible Software Development Kit (SDK) offers you flexible options to quickly build and deploy your own custom integrations. The SDK leverages common protocols such as REST APIs, JMX, SSH, Prometheus, and more for low-code integration development.

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