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Virtual Machine Monitoring

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a software-based emulation of a physical computer that provides all the functions expected of the emulated computer. The software components of a virtual machine run on a physical “host,” which can support the creation and operation of multiple virtual machines. There are two types of virtual machines: system and process. System virtual machines can function as desktop computer, storage, servers, running whatever operating system is required. Process virtual machines support the operation of specialized applications.

What is virtual machine monitoring?

A virtual machine monitor, also known as a hypervisor, is a software, hardware, or firmware-based process that manages the creation and operation of virtualized environments from the host system. Virtual machine monitors provide IT operations managers visibility into the usage and performance of associated VMs.

What are the benefits of virtual machine monitoring?

In supporting the management of a virtual environment, virtual machine monitoring supports efficient performance and maximal uptime of virtual machines; collects data about the performance of virtual machines necessary for troubleshooting and event resolution; supports capacity management, load balancing, and process automation; and centralizes IT operations for both virtual and physical components of the IT environment.


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