Join Our Ecosystem

For businesses today, IT performance determines success. The ScienceLogic partner ecosystem transforms how we serve customers with real-time operational visibility for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT environments. Our ecosystem spans the globe and offers rich value to our partners and customers.

Our ecosystem expands the globe.


The ScienceLogic Technology Partner Program transforms how we serve customers with operational visibility and control for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid IT environments. With over 1,500 published monitoring applications and integrations, clients can tie multiple technologies, vendors, clouds, and solutions together to close the loop on processes that span different teams, increasing SLA compliance from 59% to 94%.

Value-Added Resellers

Give your company a competitive edge in the hybrid IT market by joining ScienceLogic’s reseller program, ChannelLogic.

We work with value added resellers across the globe to help them:

  • Create new customers & opportunities with unique technology
  • Help existing customers improve their IT operations
  • Find new services opportunities to create long term relationships

Together—we will create a winning partnership that will anticipate, guide, and deliver the most value to you and your customers.

Want to learn more about our ChannelLogic partner program or how to become a partner?

Systems Integrators

Global Systems Integrators, such as IBM, HCL, and TCS, help companies solve business-critical IT challenges by leveraging ScienceLogic SL1 to modernize and automate IT operations across complex, hybrid environments at scale. Customers gain service-centric visibility and automation to find and fix business-impacting problems caused by IT infrastructure. GSIs create new value and achieve success quickly to transform IT services for their clients.

Managed Service Providers

The ScienceLogic MSP (Managed Service Partner) JumpStart program helps our MSP partners to build new, premium revenue streams from differentiated managed services, including monitoring as-a-service, managed private cloud, and managed public cloud with AWS and Azure, among others. The multi-tenanted ScienceLogic platform supports a broad variety of technologies and helps you monetize new cloud-centric service opportunities quickly and easily. Join us to create new service revenue streams, radically simplify operations, reduce costs, and deliver hard-hitting service level agreements (SLAs). Together, we will grow your cloud and hybrid IT business and extend its reach into an ecosystem of ScienceLogic customers and partners.


You can quickly and easily build your own PowerPacks to manage your custom equipment and applications and also save others time by contributing back to our development community. PowerPacks are pre-packaged to give you visibility and context into network, compute, storage, DevOps, Multi-Cloud, container, collaboration resources and more. They enable automation for data collection, event management, alarming, reporting, and the delivery of dynamic dashboards to help you drive business performance.