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ScienceLogic’s partnership with NetApp enables advanced instrumentation of sophisticated storage solutions, addressing diverse needs of enterprises and service providers. The intelligent integration with NetApp allows users to offer NetApp-as-a-service through the multi-tenancy functionality delivered by ScienceLogic. Along with the ability to auto-discover, manage and optimize NetApp storage as part of a larger, service delivery infrastructure, ScienceLogic allows users to extend NetApp as part of multi-cloud hybrid architecture.

The integration of SolidFire and ScienceLogic’s IT management and monitoring platform offers customers monitoring insight and management tools to measure the performance, utilization, and efficiency realized from SolidFire’s storage resources. The combination of ScienceLogic’s real-time performance monitoring combined with SolidFire’s ability to dynamically adjust capacity and performance allows customers to right-size storage resources to meet application demand while visualizing storage utilization across the system.

NetApp and SolidFire are launching the next era of infrastructure by delivering an all-flash array portfolio that accelerates data center transformation. With an all-flash first model, customers can achieve the best outcomes across all major data center deployment models — performance applications, virtualized infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure.


  • NetApp
  • ScienceLogic is a NetApp Advantage Alliance Partner