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Software-Defined Networking

See How Your Software-Defined Network Is Performing Any SDN Technology • Any Vendor • Anywhere
Software-defined networking (SDN) changes the game for networking by introducing new levels of flexibility and automation for data center infrastructure, enabling rapid changes without manual interactions. Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), is Cisco’s approach to SDN. Cisco ACI automates much of the heavy lifting required to set up a network. However, because network setup is now separated from a network engineer’s regular activities, troubleshooting and finding the cause of network issues has become more complex. ScienceLogic’s monitoring platform simply and automatically eliminates those complexities.

See All of Your Software-Defined Network Resources

It’s easy—with our appliance-based platform, you can monitor availability, performance, configuration, utilization, and capacity for:

  • Any software-defined network technology
  • Any vendor

Deep ACI Coverage

Our platform automatically discovers all of the elements that make up your Cisco ACI system, including spines, leafs, APICs, tenants, applications, EPGs, bridge domains, and contracts. It intelligently applies the right monitoring policies—with preset alerts—ensuring you can be proactive against potential trouble spots in your ACI-based environment.

Visualizations & Dependency Maps

Beyond discovering the elements within ACI, we automatically map the dependencies between those ACI elements and the rest of your infrastructure—dramatically reducing root cause detection time. Out-of-the-box dashboards give a visual depiction of what is taking place on your network—in near real-time.

One Screen, One Product—for ACI and the Rest of Your Environment

Cisco ACI exists to support the applications and services in your environment. But those applications and services depend on more than just ACI—they depend on storage, compute, and more. To truly understand how your environment is performing, you need to see all of the aspects of the environment together. By automatically discovering and monitoring your power, network, servers, storage, applications, and public cloud services, ScienceLogic’s platform gives you the power to ensure your services run flawlessly, no matter where they are deployed or what configuration they use.


The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

Get full visibility and automated operations across cloud and distributed architectures.