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The ScienceLogic XenCenter PowerPack provides scalable management and monitoring of multiple XenServer systems through an interface that logically resembles the XenCenter tool. We extract metrics and configurations via the XenServer API, supporting commercial and open-source versions of XenServer.

With the ScienceLogic XenCenter PowerPack, customers can:

  • Automatically discover XenServer hosts and virtual machines
  • Reduce MTTR for XenServer virtualization and cloud environments
  • Achieve early warning of potential problems from virtualization component events
  • View real-time dashboards of XenServer host and VM availability and performance
  • Map relationships for complete XenCenter Pool including XenServer hosts, VMs, and storage

The XenCenter PowerPack collects statistics on over 200 XenServer metrics, including Host CPU, interface and memory usage, network interface TX/RX statistics, Host storage usage, and VM availability and performance. ScienceLogic also offers PowerPacks for Citrix NetScaler.

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