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IT Infrastructure & Cloud Discovery

Patented Auto-Discovery Reveals Your Entire Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Discover Any IT Resource, Anywhere, Any Time

Stay in control of your evolving infrastructure with ScienceLogic’s intelligent auto-discovery.

Our patented solution automatically discovers resources using a succession of monitoring policies to iteratively uncover and collect element configuration, asset, and performance detail—in highly dynamic environments—with no action required by the user.

  • Multiple discovery methods include traditional ping and SNMP, as well as WMI, PowerShell, XML, SSH, and more
  • Monitors cloud-based workloads with advanced hybrid and multi-cloud discovery via cloud provider APIs
  • A single, hybrid view of all resource interdependencies—no matter where they reside
  • Rich API for rapid integration with modern service management and application management systems
  • Patented auto-discovery supports large and diverse IT resources
  • Iterative approach discovers and adds layers of detail for each resource
  • Discovery process automatically applies the right monitoring policies and begins data collection for each resource type, avoiding manual configuration
  • Hundreds of PowerPacks enable discovery, mapping and monitoring for many IT component types
  • Discovers and maps physical, virtual, converged infrastructure, and cloud-based components
  • Automation can be applied to newly-discovered groups or single elements within a monitoring policy, detecting new element arrival in real-time
  • U.S. Patent Number is 9,077,611 B2, “Self Configuring Network Management System”

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

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