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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes an open-source automation platform developed by Google and Is now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Kubernetes can help enhance the development process by simplifying container management, automating updates, and minimizing downtime so that your developers can focus on improving and adding new features to applications.

The Kubernetes platform is deployed in clusters that consist of compute nodes, that can take the following roles:

  • Master: Runs on one of the physical computers in the cluster and manages the cluster
  • Nodes: Physical computers or virtual machines that run and perform other tasks in a Kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes manages containers through a series of objects that represent a system, including: Services, Volumes, Pods, and Namespaces. Kubernetes also uses a series of Controller objects that provide additional features and functionality which includes: StatefulSets, DaemonSets, Jobs, ReplicaSets, Deployments, and CronJobs.

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