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Event Monitoring

What is an event in IT?

Events in IT are messages that are triggered when a specific condition is met. An IT event is an action or occurrence detected by a software program. They can be user actions (clicking on a link with your mouse) or system occurrences (running out of memory). Software can also trigger its own set of events into the event loop (communicate the completion of a task).

Examples of IT events are the following: a server going down, a device exceeding CPU or disk-space thresholds, or communication with a device failing. An event can also simply display the status of a managed element.

Modern applications and software that can change its behavior are considered to be events-driven—often with the goal of being interactive—because they are designed to respond to events.

What is event monitoring?

Event monitoring in IT is the process of collecting, analyzing, and signaling event occurrences to operating system processes, active database rules, and human operators. These event occurrences may stem from software or hardware like operating systems, database management systems, application software, and processors.


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