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Cisco ACI

What is Cisco ACI?

Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) is a software-defined networking solution, designed to help organizations manage complex environments by delivering network automation—increasing operational efficiencies. Organizations use Cisco ACI to improve security for on-premises, private cloud, public clouds, and data centers.

Cisco ACI integrates software and hardware; the hardware for Cisco ACI is based on the Cisco Nexus 9000 family of switches; and the software and integration points that include: Additional Data Center Pod, Data Center Policy Engine, and Non-Directly Attached Virtual and Physical Leaf Switches.

Cisco ACI utilizes a declarative control system where end users can specify what they want the end result to be and the network devices interpret it and do what they need to return that result. ACI in the data center is a holistic architecture with centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles. ACI delivers software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance.

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