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EMA Report: How Automation Is Transforming IT for the Digital Age

Analyst Report

IT’s adoption of automation has largely been ad hoc, attempting to address specific IT tasks and processes one at a time. Recently, digital transformation has brought strategic automation initiatives to the forefront.

In “Data-Driven IT Automation: A Vision for the Modern CIO”, EMA analysts Dennis Drogseth and Dan Twing present the findings from 400 global respondents from companies in the midst of automating their IT Operations. Their research targeted 4 key use cases:

  • Problem, incident, and availability management
  • Configuration, change and capacity management
  • DevOps
  • Application performance and workload optimization

Automation is essential to close the loop for any AIOps system. 85% of respondents indicated that they have already embarked on their AIOps journey. Will you join them?

Download this report to gain insights for turning your data-driven automation vision into a reality.