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Transforming from ITOps To AIOps — Featuring Key Insights from NetDesign and Forrester Research


About this webinar

In a hyper-digital world, business transformation is vital for all organizations to compete and deliver against internal business and customer demands.

Are you ready? Can you transform fast enough to avoid irrelevance?

To find out, join guests Rich Lane, Forrester Senior Analyst Serving Infrastructure and Operations Professionals, and Doug James, NetDesign Director of Technology and Business Management as they explore the rapidly evolving world of IT Operations Management towards intelligent, automated operations (AIOps).

They will discuss:
1. What’s driving organizations to modernize IT towards more intelligent, automated operations (increase business growth/profitability, agility/adaptability to change/preemptive, deliver superior customer experiences)
2. Explore transformation levers that enable organizations to deliver greater value faster to customers, such as:

  • Obtaining clarity on what business outcomes you want and how to get there (assessment process)
  • Measuring how well you’re delivering services today against desired outcomes (data-driven insights at record speed)
  • Monitoring what matters most to your customers (end user experience, business service insights)
  • Amplifying agility with automations to accelerate innovation (ML-assisted automation)

3. How to get started on your AIOps journey today