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We’re committed to your success, on-prem and in the cloud. Our extensive partner network allows you to maximize the value of your technology investments, differentiate your business, and drive revenue.

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AGENTIL Software

ScienceLogic’s SAP Connector, developed by AGENTIL, offers an integrated solution that takes the complexity out of managing SAP performance. The SAP Connector is an agentless software probe that is easy to deploy and consolidates performance views across all SAP systems, supporting SAP Netweaver ABAP/Java and SAP Hana technologies. It automates time-consuming “daily checks” and delivers easy-to-interpret performance dashboards to quickly identify service degradations before users are impacted. Pre-packaged policies, KPIs and thresholds can be easily customized and updated, allowing non-SAP experts to manage complex SAP environments.

AGENTIL offers a broad portfolio of business solutions that cover core IT solutions (on premises or in the Cloud) and specialized technologies including ERP SAP applications, cloud and hybrid architecture, integration tools, business process and IT service management.

Complete monitoring for SAP

Alert Logic

ScienceLogic integrates with Alert Logic to provide a consolidated view of operational and security states. ScienceLogic fully aligns management, security, and operational events and correlates security incidents to specific compute resources and operational services, eliminating IT event management silos. ScienceLogic monitors the health of Alert Logic components, ensuring the integrity and availability of threat and security services.

Alert Logic is the leader in security and compliance solutions for the cloud, provides Security-as-a-Service for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

Automate alert notifications

Amazon Web Services

ScienceLogic provides advanced monitoring of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the most comprehensive set of performance, availability, and billing information in easy-to-analyze dashboard views, across multiple Amazon accounts, services, and regions.

AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of enterprise, government and startup customers businesses around the world. AWS offers over 30 different services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

Deep visibility for Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services
  • ScienceLogic is an Amazon Web Services Partner Network Advanced Technology Partner
  • ScienceLogic is an AWS Managed Service Program Certified Training Partner
  • Amazon Web Services is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


ScienceLogic technology is the foundation of many of the solutions offered by Cisco Remote Managed Services. ScienceLogic also helps Cisco channel partners quickly launch new Cisco managed services and achieve their Cisco Managed Services certifications.

ScienceLogic is a registered developer in the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) technology partner program. Through the CDN program, we have access to Cisco resources needed to develop “Cisco Compatible” offerings, address the business needs of our customers, reach new markets, and help our datacenter, borderless networks, and collaboration management business grow.

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. Cisco is a market leader in technology innovation, operational excellence, and corporate social responsibility.

Deep visibility for Cisco technologies

  • Cisco
  • ScienceLogic is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner and is Cisco Compatible
  • Cisco is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


ScienceLogic’s certified integration with Citrix’s CloudPlatform delivers a future-proofed cloud orchestration and monitoring solution. By automatically discovering, mapping, and applying the right monitoring policy to your entire CloudPlatform infrastructure, this integration ensures your cloud deployment is a success. Together, ScienceLogic and Citrix will take your private cloud to the next level.

Citrix CloudPlatform is the industry’s only future-proofed, application-centric cloud solution proven to reliably orchestrate and provision desktop, web and datacenter infrastructure workloads within a single unified cloud management platform.

Citrix partner datasheet

  • Citrix
  • ScienceLogic is Citrix ready

Dell EMC Vblock

ScienceLogic delivers a single view into the thousands of virtual and physical components that run on Vblock platforms, including VMware virtual machines, applications, clustering, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blades and network components, security, and EMC storage infrastructure. Through dynamic component mapping, ScienceLogic gives users the ability to auto-discover, map, and monitor Vblock system components and dynamically update the relationships between them.

Dell EMC Vblock systems combine industry-leading compute, network, storage, virtualization, and management technologies into prepackaged units of infrastructure. Through the standardization of building blocks, the Vblock system dramatically simplifies IT operations—accelerating deployment while reducing costs and improving service levels for all workloads, including the most demanding and mission-critical enterprise applications.

Deep visibility into converged technologies

  • Dell EMC
  • ScienceLogic is Dell EMC Vblock Ready


ScienceLogic and Equinix partner together to promote cloud adoption among enterprise customers and managed service providers by leveraging the Equinix ecosystem. Our combined offerings eliminate the risk of lost visibility in public cloud deployments and enable rapid, high-integrity deployment of enterprise-grade cloud solutions. ScienceLogic leverages Equinix data centers in the U.S. and Europe to host our SaaS-based solution; and Equinix uses ScienceLogic to monitor their data center infrastructure for customers. ScienceLogic is also represented in 22 Equinix Solution Validation Centers that showcase our joint solutions around the globe.

  • Equinix

layerX Technologies

The combined ScienceLogic and layerX solution offers a high level overview of how Unified Communications (UC) systems are operating as a service. Extensive analysis of log and call data delivers deep insights for enhanced troubleshooting. Customers gain a complete view into UC applications and their underlying infrastructure. layerX provides integrated views of Call Detail Records and performance along with comprehensive voice path analysis. Together, layerX and ScienceLogic provide the most complete solution for UC management available on the market today.

layerX Technologies is a leading provider of advanced data analytics software for the IT industry. layerX provides rich insight across multiple IT domains to understand application performance and the underlying network layers.

layerX partner datasheet

  • layerX


The strategic partnership with LogicVein integrates network configuration, management, and compliance testing capabilities with ScienceLogic. Whether doing backup and restore, SOX or PCI compliance analysis, Net LineDancer (NLD) ties into your existing ScienceLogic workflow processes and notifications. Network configuration changes or issues are detected by NLD and immediately generate notification through the ScienceLogic platform.

LogicVein’s Net LineDancer helps customers manage thousands of network devices and configurations in MSP environments requiring Multi-Tenancy through Smart Bridge technology.

LogicVein partner datasheet

  • LogicVein


ScienceLogic monitors workloads both on-premises and in the Azure cloud to help customers maintain control of their infrastructure wherever it resides. ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT service assurance platform uses a variety of data collection methods such as SNMP, WMI, PowerShell and a variety of Azure APIs to deliver comprehensive visibility into enterprise application infrastructures—in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid or multi-cloud configuration—so customers can manage the transition to hybrid IT in a seamless manner.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Deep visibility for Microsoft technologies

  • Microsoft is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


ScienceLogic’s partnership with NetApp enables advanced instrumentation of sophisticated storage solutions, addressing diverse needs of enterprises and service providers. The intelligent integration with NetApp allows users to offer NetApp-as-a-service through the multi-tenancy functionality delivered by ScienceLogic. Along with the ability to auto-discover, manage and optimize NetApp storage as part of a larger, service delivery infrastructure, ScienceLogic allows users to extend NetApp as part of multi-cloud hybrid architecture.

The integration of SolidFire and ScienceLogic’s IT management and monitoring platform offers customers monitoring insight and management tools to measure the performance, utilization, and efficiency realized from SolidFire’s storage resources. The combination of ScienceLogic’s real-time performance monitoring combined with SolidFire’s ability to dynamically adjust capacity and performance allows customers to right-size storage resources to meet application demand while visualizing storage utilization across the system.

NetApp and SolidFire are launching the next era of infrastructure by delivering an all-flash array portfolio that accelerates data center transformation. With an all-flash first model, customers can achieve the best outcomes across all major data center deployment models — performance applications, virtualized infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure.

NetApp partner datasheet

  • NetApp
  • ScienceLogic is a NetApp Advantage Alliance Partner

Nimble Storage

ScienceLogic delivers real-time performance monitoring for Nimble Storage and other storage vendors deployed in the network. Users gain a single unified view across all storage components with ScienceLogic’s auto-discovery and relationship mapping of storage arrays, volumes and VMware components. ScienceLogic includes built-in policies and best practice templates that can be seamlessly applied across all storage vendors, easing the management operation of storage resources.

Nimble Storage delivers rapid data storage using All Flash Array (AFA) and Hybrid Flash Array (HFA) SSD technology. Their technology is optimized to scale in the most complex hybrid network infrastructures while closing the gap between applications, data delivery and storage.

Deep visibility for storage technologies

  • Nimble Storage


ScienceLogic provides scalable, multi-tenant, monitoring and management for Nutanix environments, enabling comprehensive performance tracking and complete visualization of device configurations for rapid troubleshooting and optimization.

Nutanix delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation enterprise computing, elevating IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business. Their software-driven Xtreme Computing Platform natively converges compute, virtualization, and storage into a single solution to drive simplicity in the datacenter.

Deep visibility into converged technologies

  • Nutanix
  • Nutanix Ready AHV


PagerDuty’s integration with ScienceLogic ensures that customers receive seamless incident sync in real time, with actionable and contextual data across the entire technology stack, allowing businesses to quickly resolve operational issues. The integration gives users unique, in-depth reporting features out-of-the-box that provide insightful, key metrics not available in PagerDuty alone, including incident resolution for trending and monitoring availability for SLA support.

PagerDuty is an alarm aggregation and dispatching service for system administrators and support teams that works globally anywhere at any time. Their platform collects events from monitoring systems, triages what’s important, and involves the right people for fast resolution.

PagerDuty datasheet

  • PagerDuty

Pure Storage

ScienceLogic integrates performance monitoring of Pure Storage flash array storage elements with the supported business services, applications, and workflows. By monitoring Pure Storage along with other storage vendors, IT managers can assess if storage resources are properly allocated and quickly adjust the allocations to ensure optimal performance and availability.

Pure Storage is a flash-based storage company known for accelerating applications such as server virtualization, desktop virtualization, database systems, and cloud computing by providing multi-level cell high performance flash memory.

Deep visibility for storage technologies

  • Pure Storage


ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform that delivers digital workflows to unlock employee productivity.

ScienceLogic helps businesses amplify their ServiceNow investments by ensuring an accurate CMDB and enabling automated incident, change, configuration, and compliance management workflows. ScienceLogic SL1 provides a closed-loop integration with ServiceNow to:

  • – Continuously discover and map infrastructure, application, and service relationships across the IT ecosystem (on-premises and cloud) and keep the ServiceNow CMDB up-to-date.
  • – Automatically log actionable ServiceNow incidents based on events tied to on-prem and cloud-based assets. By combining machine learning with topology, SL1 reduces incident noise and enriches incidents with detailed diagnostic data automatically captured when an event occurs “at the edge.”

Together, ScienceLogic and ServiceNow allow you to deliver great customer experiences.


ServiceNow CMDB and incident automation

  • ScienceLogic is ServiceNow Certified
  • ScienceLogic is ServiceNow Certified
  • ServiceNow is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


Viavi Observer SiteOps is an OEM of ScienceLogic’s technology integrated with the Observer product line. This powerful integration automates the investigation of network anomalies, provides direct access to data packets, and correlates underlying infrastructure resource health to traffic behavior. With Observer SightOps, IT organizations are more agile and responsive to business needs and capture business benefits of the cloud – without sacrificing management visibility and control. Observer SightOps delivers a complete multi-cloud monitoring solution with built-in scale, security, and true multi-tenancy.

Viavi Solutions (formerly JDSU) helps customers get the most from their networks–regardless of complexity—and push them to the edge of what’s possible. More than 4,000 communications service providers, enterprises, governments, and network equipment manufactures rely on Viavi solutions.

  • Viavi
  • Viavi is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


ScienceLogic is an Elite-tier member in the VMware Technology Alliance. We support virtualization in unique ways by leveraging vSphere and other VMware APIs to track dynamic compute resources. ScienceLogic employs a patented discovery and relationship mapping approach to automatically track movement of virtual infrastructures.

VMware, now part of Dell Technologies, enables customers to rapidly develop, automatically deliver, and safely consume all applications. VMware’s software-defined approach enables customers to innovate freely in their choice of clouds with the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™, and achieve business mobility by utilizing digital workspace solutions.

Deep visibility for VMware technologies

  • VMware
  • ScienceLogic is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner
  • VMware is a ScienceLogic Alliance Partner


ScienceLogic integrates with xMatters to push event and monitoring information into xMatters for notification and workflow management. When events from ScienceLogic are published to xMatters, they are assigned and distributed based on IT roles and responsibilities via email, SMS, Smart Phone devices, and the xMatters UI. Recipients interact with received messages and communicate specific actions performed until the issue is resolved.

xMatters communication platform is utilized for mass notification and IT alerting to ensure business continuity and coordinate recovery efforts in crisis management and to resolve IT incidents. More than 1,000 global enterprise customers around the world use xMatters to send intelligent communications to the right person at the right moment.

  • xMatters