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Advance Your Mission with SL1

As government agencies undergo the largest digital transformation in history, they need to harness the power of big data and manage business services. This transformation, in a highly diverse and dynamic IT environment, is both mission-critical yet comes with significant complexity and risk. Given the volume of operational data and the rate of change involved, successful organizations know the only way to manage this complexity – and to keep up with increasing service delivery expectations – is to enable Ops to see and contextualize issues at machine speed. Obtain actionable insights from your IT operational data with ScienceLogic’s SL1 platform.

Drive mission-critical IT services supporting:

  • Hybrid IT
  • Shared Services
  • Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI)
  • Cloud First/Multi-Cloud
  • Digital Transformation

SL1 provides a real-time, single view of all your IT assets wherever they are deployed, through executive dashboards that support leadership requirements around critical business services. SL1 drives efficiency through automation and tool consolidation; integrates with anything that is most important to your organization; while enabling the delivery of secure shared services. With SL1 you can SEE, CONTEXTUALIZE, and ACT on your operational data like never before!


Digital creates complexity: more data, apps, services, devices – it all shifts rapidly. Discover everything in your IT environment.


Data is only as good as what you can do with it, especially when changes occur in milliseconds. Contextualize your data to get meaningful insights.


Modern architectures mean that systems cannot operate in isolation, integrating within a heterogeneous ecosystem. Remove data silos, take action, and drive efficiencies.

Secure Automation Engine for AIOps

ScienceLogic consistently maintains current certification for DODIN APL and conforms to FIPS 140-2. This achievement furthers our pioneering status as the industry’s first end-to-end technology platform to conform to the U.S. government’s security and interoperability standards (DODIN APL) and current certified cryptography methods for data encryption and communication between software appliances and storing of passwords (FIPS 140-2). 

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Modernize IT Operations

Over 50 federal agencies, local government offices, and public-sector organizations trust ScienceLogic to manage and monitor their mission-critical infrastructure.

“We are excited to join forces with ScienceLogic and bring a new set of offerings to our government customers,” said Seth Abrams, CSRA’s Chief Technology Officer for the Homeland Security Group. “Recent cyberattacks underscore the need for constant vigilance and modernizing technology across the government. Our combined offerings, along with our ‘as a service’ model, will help agencies across the government be agile and secure in a cost-effective way.”

  Use Cases Enabled

    • Application to Infrastructure Mapping
    • Business Services Visibility with Executive Dashboards
    • Service Desk CMDB Enrichment and Incident Automation
    • Multi-Cloud/Hybrid IT Visibility and Situational awareness
      – Discover and map applications
      – Relate apps to the underlying infrastructure
      – Correlate data from multiple sources
      – Automate remediation with actionable data

Benefits Delivered

  • Ensure Mission-Critical Infrastructure
  • Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs
  • Conforms to Federal Mandates
  • Optimize Underutilized Assets
  • Support a Trusted Culture
  • Ensure SLA Compliance