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Discover why IBM Services selected SL1


IBM Services for Multicloud Management developed an integrated state-of-the-art automation platform to manage multicloud and hybrid IT architectures and the applications, services and workloads they support. The platform incorporates ScienceLogic’s SL1 for IT operations and Cognitive IT service management.

SL1 monitors networks, systems, servers and storage across multicloud and hybrid IT environments, and delivers real-time mapping between infrastructure, applications and business services essential to identify root cause service impact. Additionally, SL1 provides clean, contextualized data to drive advanced analytics and automate service delivery.

Learn why IBM Services chose ScienceLogic SL1

Joe Damassa, VP Strategy & Offerings, Hybrid-Cloud Services, IBM and
Murali Nemani, CMO, Sciencelogic

Listen to theCUBE interview recorded at IBM Think 2019 with IBM Services and ScienceLogic executives.

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“…as we bring our products, our technologies, and our capabilities to market, we bring ScienceLogic into those deals, we use ScienceLogic in our services so that we [deliver that] value to our clients….”
Joe Damassa


Transform Your IT Services Business with ScienceLogic SL1

Realize Automation Cost Efficiency

Deliver real-time contextualized data to train AI/ML and drive automations.

Deliver IT Service Management Transformation

Provide automated real-time discovery and synchronization of both applications and infrastructure with your Service Desk and CMDB.

Manage Business Service Impact

Provide infrastructure, application and business services mapping essential to identify service impact and isolate root cause.

Optimize IT Delivery Across Multi-Cloud and Hybrid IT

Eliminate and consolidate redundant legacy tools into a single modern platform.