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ServiceNow + ScienceLogic = Better Together

ScienceLogic maximizes your ServiceNow investment by improving your CMDB, and helping you automate your IT processes.

The demands on IT organizations to deliver robust digital customer experiences—while taming a complex and dynamic IT infrastructure–have never been greater. Multi-cloud, hybrid IT, and containers make legacy tools obsolete, and complicate decision-making and fault triage due to the rapid influx of enormous amounts and types of data.

While good quality data can greatly benefit enterprises, poor quality data can create new risks by slowing down response times and creating additional operational inefficiencies. ScienceLogic’s integration with ServiceNow helps organizations avoid the cost and risk of inaccurate data, especially as enterprises scale and data grows more fragmented.

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By providing accurate and context-rich data in real-time that feeds into the configuration management database (CMDB), ScienceLogic SL1 eliminates steps typically required to populate and manually reconcile the CMDB, in turn enabling automation of IT service management processes such as incident, problem, and change management. It also enables operations to identify and resolve problems impacting business services faster by feeding better problem management data to Ops and DevOps teams. The end results are more resilient digital experiences and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

Do you really love what ServiceNow is doing for your organization? Great! Now find out how ScienceLogic combined with ServiceNow can:
  • Obtain real-time CMDB accuracy
  • Reduce incident noise
  • Drive data and workflow automations
  • Accelerate break/fix efforts for mission-critical apps and services

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