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ScienceLogic Paves the Way for Medical Device Discovery & Monitoring at Cloud-Scale

Case Study

One of the largest integrated health systems in the U.S. serves the healthcare and wellness needs of over 500,000 patients annually. To fulfill patient care and community service needs, over 1,500 physicians, 16,500 staff, and upwards of 1,500 affiliated university faculty work at 90+ hospitals and outpatient sites spread across 10 regions.


Business Challenges

Deliver shared IT services across multiple locations (each with a distinct set of technologies/tools)

  • Optimize business services quality and cost
  • Siloed ITSM/ITOM tools and legacy infrastructure require new investments to scale to support growth in IoT-enabled medical devices
  • Limited staff to manually keep up with rapidly increasing volume of tickets/issues


ScienceLogic Solution

Automates and streamlines change, problem, and incident processes between ScienceLogic SL1 and ServiceNow

  • Improves accuracy of ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) by auto-aligning with the monitored environment in real-time
  • AI-assisted SL1 limits event/incident noise and application performance issues using patented methods to see, contextualize, and act on data


Why ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic’s Automation Engine for AIOps combines data from any and all systems, applications, and clouds to deliver an accurate data lake with contextualized visibility for multiple stakeholders at various levels. It enables automation of processes and workflows within the SL1 platform, and between SL1 and other management tools like ServiceNow so IT staff can maintain an accurate CMDB; spot IT trends earlier; rapidly adjust to changing capacity needs; and avoid service-impacting issues.

Technical Challenges

Manual IT Processes

Time-consuming, error-prone, manual change, problem, and incident management processes, along with inaccurate data in the ServiceNow CMDB, thwarted the support team’s ability to quickly and efficiently prioritize and resolve incidents. The team lacked sufficient time to focus on system improvements to drive better business outcomes.

Medical Device Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management of IoT-enabled medical devices is increasingly challenging due to their expanding adoption and use. The provider needed a way to cost-effectively scale its care delivery platforms and infrastructure to support an increasingly wide variety of technologies and systems in use at hospitals and clinics today and in the future.

Service Health

Using multiple siloed ITSM/ITOM tools made it extremely difficult to spot real problems, assign ownership, and resolve issues in a timely manner. As a result, MTTR was increasing, along with the number of service outages. The provider sought to improve IT accountability and efficiency thru tool consolidation and better service visibility across regions, sites, departments, and functions.


“Having accurate CMDB data in context offers a level of granularity that far exceeds just pinging a box to see if it’s up or down.”
Monitoring Analyst, Large U.S. Healthcare System

ScienceLogic is a leader in IT Operations Management, providing modern IT operations
with actionable insights to resolve and predict problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world.
Its solution sees everything across cloud and distributed architectures, contextualizes data
through relationship mapping, and acts on this insight through integration and automation.