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IT Runbook Automation Solution

Improve MTTR • Reduce Manual Effort & Risk • Increase Operational Agility

Achieve higher levels of productivity, reduce or eliminate the risk of human error, streamline and automate operational processes within and across organizational silos, and free up time to focus on more important business critical tasks. Easily integrate with other enterprise management tools and chain them together for full visibility and improved operational efficiency.

  • Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) by streamlining and automating every possible step of the problem identification and repair process
  • Reduce manual task burden on your teams, enforce consistent standards, and significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of human error by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks
  • Proactively identify and resolve emerging problems by configuring best practice auto-remediation for common issues

Open, Flexible Platform

Instantly integrate the ScienceLogic platform with popular tools, technologies and data sources with our downloadable library of packaged management apps and easily extend the platform for automation purposes.

  • Collect additional detailed element configuration, performance, capacity, and asset information using a variety of data collection techniques such as PowerShell, Scripting, Database queries, and more
  • Use ScienceLogic’s RESTful APIs to share data with third party CMDB, analytics, and reporting tools, etc
  • Use our simple GUI editor to easily configure events and incidents to launch in-context to popular third party products such as service desk, CMDB, APM/NPM, and more

Integrated Runbook Automation

Make your job easier with runbook automation that’s built into the ScienceLogic platform.

  • Automate routine tasks and processes
    • Initiate one or more actions immediately on certain risk, performance or failure conditions, like kicking off scripts to restart a process, spin VMs up or down, or automate configuration changes to resolve an issue
    • Assemble and inject supplementary data into tickets to expedite issue resolution. For example, append traceroute, serial number, and CLI outputs into a trouble ticket.
    • Notify key customers or operations teams via email, text, pager and (other)
  • Chain tools together to automate operational workflows and remediation actions across the tools and domains


  • Open, update, and close tickets automatically in your service desk solution—whether you use ScienceLogic’s integrated ticketing or a third party solution like ServiceNow
  • Automatically extract or populate and synchronize information with your asset management or CMDB solution—whether you use ScienceLogic’s integrated asset management or a third party solution like ServiceNow
  • Collect data and events from your application or network performance management (APM, NPM) and ERP solution like New Relic to get a complete picture of service delivery, and enable launching in-context to these tools for deeper problem diagnosis when issues arise
  • Initiate alerts via third party alerting platforms like PagerDuty and xMatters
  • Initiate a series of actions when a VM or server becomes unavailable, such as kick off a traceroute, capture the traceroute path, then create a ticket and insert the traceroute into the ticket to enable faster problem diagnosis
  • Identify a noisy neighbor of an AWS instance, terminate the instance and spin up a new one, rediscover the new one, and reapply the terminated instance’s monitoring policies and settings

Customer Testimonial

“Automation through ScienceLogic has allowed for near automatic responses from me.”

– David Oganesyan, Systems Administrator, Unitas Global

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

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