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App Analytics

What are app analytics?

App analytics are used to provide real-time insights into performance and user experience. With detailed metrics such as usage, retention, and crashes by carrier, device, and platform, app analytic tools help you can gain a better understanding of your users’ experience—helping you improve app performance.

App analytics tools combine capabilities in a single pain of glass view—enabling a complete view of your customers’ experience.

What web and mobile app KPIs should I measure?

Common key performance indicators (KPIs) for web and mobile apps include number of active users, retention or returning visitors, average time per session and number of pages visited. App analytics tools can provide these app metrics and allow you to compare KPIs by app version. You can also segment this data to understand if users in a certain location or a specific customer group are performing as compared to your average users.

There are also performance-based KPIs that should be evaluated, including number of crashes or errors, average request latency, startup time and memory and CPU usage. It’s especially important to keep an eye on these metrics when you release a new version of your application to ensure your users are not encountering an issue caused by the new release.

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