Legacy tools paralyze enterprises’ ability to innovate.

Today, enterprises are operating with an increasing number of legacy tools that do not provide complete end-to-end visibility into the digital services that enterprises are delivering to their customers. These tools do not support the continued shift to hybrid-cloud environments or new application architectures such as containerized microservices and serverless.

The result? This can lead to lengthy service disruptions, issues with finding the fault in the system, and a poor customer experience. The time has come to find a modern platform that brings order to chaos in the short term and will be future-proofed as the adoption of newer technologies continues to accelerate.

Enterprises that have not started their modernization journey are already behind.

Why modernize your legacy IT monitoring tools?

Enterprises are under immense pressure to become more agile, move faster, align with rapidly paced business objectives, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. These organizations are driven by the adoption of new technologies, cloud-native application architectures, and DevOps practices.

The market requires a modern IT solution that effortlessly manages emerging technologies while supporting legacy infrastructure, covers all the visibility gaps, provides business impact perspectives, and establishes a foundation for automated intelligent operations (a.k.a AIOps).

Are legacy ITOM tools leaving you paralyzed?

Legacy monitoring tools leave your organization with gaps in visibility and impede agility by hindering technology adoption. This lack of visibility can stifle growth and obstruct transformation.

To address their challenges, forward-thinking enterprises are looking to gain real-time insights with AI and ML and use them to drive extensive automation.

Your Journey to AIOps

Don’t be left behind. Replace your legacy tools with a modern monitoring platform that covers all your infrastructure and application monitoring needs.

At the same time, build your foundation for AIOps by:

  • Establishing a real-time data lake
  • Gaining business service visibility
  • Applying algorithmic analytics
  • Driving intelligent automation

The SL1 Difference: One Platform vs. Many Point Products

Legacy products from major ITOM vendors are the culmination of multiple acquisitions, creating a wide variety of IT operational challenges:

  • Multiple architectures to manage
  • Overlapping and redundant functionality
  • Multiple integrations to maintain
  • Disjointed SaaS and On-Prem environments

Future-proof your business: ScienceLogic SL1 is a single platform designed for change. It supports every step of your digital transformation journey to AIOps. While it’s easy to get started, it’s just as easy to adopt new technologies and integrate new data sets.

Let us show you how today’s technology leaders are using SL1 to transform IT operations.