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Application Monitoring

Monitoring Docker Containers and Docker Swarm

Containers isolate software from its surroundings – creating a lightweight, stand-alone, executable packaged piece of software that includes everything needed to run it. Docker provides a streamlined and transparent solution for all your container needs. Easily streamline your process, and package software into standardized units for development, shipment and deployment.

  • Lightweight: Containers running on a single machine share the systems information – instantly start using less compute and RAM. To use less disk usage and to cut back on download time, images are taken of the filesystem layers.
  • Standard: Docker is very compatible with any infrastructure including VM’s, on-prem and cloud.
  • Secure: In order to use a single container instead of the entire machine, you’re able to easily default to the strongest isolation within the container.

Docker for AWS and Azure is a tightly integrated infrastructure deployed to securely spread over multiple availability zones, provisions and auto-configure load-balancers.

Docker Swarm:

When Docker Swarm is utilized in your IT ecosystem, ScienceLogic provides additional components to include Swarm, Stack and Service, as well as the relationships to the Hosts that make up Swarm and their containers.

  • At the Swarm Level using ScienceLogic configuration information about nodes in Swarm are easily accessible
  • At the Stack Level with ScienceLogic, collect aggregated metrics on the number of containers in an application and monitor the average uptime of the containers that make up the application
  • At the Service Level with ScienceLogic, you’ll receive totaled metrics for CPU, memory and network performance, identifying how much resources a particular service is consuming.


Challenges of Docker Management:

With Docker being such a new technology, it adds layers between the application and the host that most current tools do not cover – ScienceLogic assists you with critical information you need to keep your business running successfully.

For Developers:

Don’t worry about apps, you can trust Docker to ensure transportability and certainty during development, testing and distribution. You’re able to deploy both microservices and traditional apps anywhere and anytime, then isolate apps in containers to eliminate conflicts, enhance security and ensure team collaboration to get bugs quickly fixed.

For IT Pros:

Build apps safely and distribute from one to thousands of containers instantly, and with orchestration included, you’re able to scale thousands of nodes in seconds. With Docker, you can expect apps to deliver on time by flexibly integrating with existing processes and enterprise systems for all their needs.

For the Enterprise:

Easily integrate with your existing IT environment and manage the full stack for the portability for apps to ensure they’re prepared for anything, monitor and navigate the supply chain process with full visibility. Build apps within certified containers and be assured you’re running a trusted ecosystem of technologies that run smoothly together.

Know the Health of Your Docker Containers:

  • Always know that all the components of your containers are running smoothly in one concise dashboard
  • Automate alerts for the right teams if there is an error within your container
  • Monitor the health and performance of each application’s full stack
  • Drill into specific areas of concern
  • Monitor short-lived resources and collect logs to maintain a healthy IT environment

Here’s How It Works:

Get Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Visibility

Comprehensive visibility for AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Ali Cloud

  • Automatically monitor your entire IT universe – on premises and in multiple clouds – from a single console
  • Ensure a consistent approach when managing multiple clouds and technologies
  • Be prepared to support the needs of every business unit – whether in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud


The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform

Get full visibility and automated operations across cloud and distributed architectures.


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