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Cisco IT: A Transformational Journey to Multi-Cloud Operations | Multi-Cloud


About this webinar

When your digital platform is the lifeline of the core business serving a run-rate of $2M/min, the role of IT Ops matters! Cisco shares their digital transformation journey with practical insights on services enabled, services planned, and the underpinning architectural evolution towards an AIOps model for multi-cloud.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear Cisco IT’s multi-year journey
  • Discover key use cases for bringing data together from many sources into a common data model
  • Understand how Cisco is building a unified solution for next-gen application management
  • Learn how they are adopting a software-defined data center as part of their multi-cloud strategy
  • Gain insights into how they plan to leverage a real-time data lake to drive automations

24 mins

Presented With: Becky Ransdell, Cisco IT