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Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Unified Management

Accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Many organizations are choosing Microsoft Azure for building and delivering new cloud services or migrating existing services and workloads to the cloud. They often find that the techniques they used to monitor performance in the data center are not effective in the cloud; they need a solution that can give them full insight into IT service performance no matter where service components reside. Luckily, ScienceLogic gives you everything you need to monitor any IT service anywhere.

The ScienceLogic SL1 Platform uses Azure APIs, including Azure Resource Manager (ARM), to interface with Microsoft Azure. The platform also uses a wide variety of techniques, such as SNMP, WMI, PowerShell, SSL, REST API, and more, to interface with other modern technologies both inside and outside the data center.


Microsoft Azure Monitoring


Azure Monitoring in the Cloud Right Out-Of-The-Box

  • Virtual MachinesVirtual Machines
  • Cloud ServicesCloud Services
  • StorageStorage
  • SQL DatabasesSQL Databases
  • Virtual NetworksVirtual Networks
  • Traffic ManagerTraffic Manager
  • Active DirectoryActive Directory
  • Resource GroupsResource Groups
  • BackupBackup
  • VPN GatewayVPN Gateway
  • Site RecoverySite Recovery
  • Load BalancersLoad Balancers
  • Virtual Machine Scale SetsVirtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Application GatewayApplication Gateway
  • Security GroupsSecurity Groups
  • SubnetsSubnets
  • SubnetsWeb Apps
  • SubnetsManaged Disks
  • SubnetsExpress Route
  • SubnetsDNS
  • SubnetsGovernment
  • SubnetsAlerts

Azure Monitoring: Keeping Your Azure Environments Healthy

ScienceLogic’s Azure monitoring gives you a clear view of your Microsoft Azure-based workloads.

Microsoft Azure services map


Auto-discover and map interdependencies between Microsoft Azure regions and services.

Discover and map all of your Azure services and infrastructure.

Automatically discover and keep track of changes in your Azure environments.

Automatically discover all of your Azure services and components

Provide role-specific visibility into your Azure environments with our Azure monitoring. 

Use a single platform to monitor everything, everywhere. See everything you need to see in order to make sure your Azure environment is working.

  • Get role-specific visibility into all of your Azure services and infrastructure—across multiple regions or deep into a specific service—with built-in, best practice-based dashboards.
  • Segment visibility by user, business unit, geography, technology, and many other profiles.

Get deep visibility into each Azure service

Get hybrid and multi-cloud visibility.

Get comprehensive visibility for AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud.

  • Automatically monitor your entire IT universe—on-premises and in multiple clouds—from a single console.
  • Ensure a consistent approach when managing multiple clouds and technologies.
  • Be prepared to support the needs of every business unit—whether in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud.

Monitor your on-premises and cloud infrastructures from a single console

Troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

Have clear visibility into what’s going on anywhere in your Azure cloud, to make sure your services are up and running.

  • Easily navigate relationships across clouds, on-premises infrastructure, and apps to speed problem resolution and ensure optimal performance.
  • Get as granular as you need to, visualizing every aspect of your Azure deployment.
  • Proactively detect and be alerted on configuration changes and performance issues.
  • Avoid finger-pointing and reduce MTTR for critical business services.
  • Utilize runbook automation for immediate response to performance or availability degradation as well as configuration changes.

Drill down into your Azure infrastructure to locate the source of issues

Prepare for a smooth migration to Azure.

Quickly determine which on-premises workloads to migrate.

  • Catalog existing workloads running on VMware, Hyper-V, and discrete servers.
  • Understand your workloads and their dependencies to plan for a smooth migration to the cloud.
  • Identify closest equivalent Azure instance for each workload.

ScienceLogic helps accelerate migration to Azure

Integrate with your IT management ecosystem.

Easily integrate with other IT management solutions for full visibility and optimization of your IT services.

Sciencelogic populates ServiceNow with actionable data

Azure Monitoring for Managed Service Providers

We know that migrating to the cloud has its difficulties. Especially around monitoring. Our SL1 platform which is already in production with MSPs around the world, is here to make Azure monitoring as wasy as possible. SL1 offers deep Azure monitoring with real-time dashboards plus live dependency maps that show customers the interconnections between compute and storage in their Azure account. SL1 also gives MSPs:

  • A scalable, multi-tenant service assurance platform for service delivery and revenue generation
  • A solution that can be rapidly deployed to multiple customers with low administrative overhead
  • The ability to grow your cloud and hybrid IT services with our MSP JumpStart program
  • The ability to create new managed services for Azure, multi-cloud, private cloud, and more

For MSPs eager to get started with a differentiated Managed Azure service, our Jumpstart Program provides:

  • Service definition support to help you define a Managed Azure service quickly
  • 24×7 operational Azure monitoring–of all Azure cloud elements
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold service tiers for graduated price points and high-margin upsell
  • Real-time customer-facing performance dashboards pre-built by ScienceLogic
  • Live account maps showing all Azure assets and how they relate to each other



MSP JumpStart