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REST Easy. Collect Data From Across Your IT Ecosystem


About this webinar

The modern IT ecosystem is comprised of heterogenous modern and legacy technology tools that don’t often talk to each other. The result is a fragmented ecosystem where data sits in disconnected data puddles inhibiting cross-domain modernization efforts. The ScienceLogic Universal REST PowerPack gives you the flexibility to connect the SL1 open platform to almost any technology that supports RESTful APIs, a leading standard interface for many off-the-shelf solutions to expose their data. Join this webinar and view a live demo to see how you can expand your data lake to collect data from across your ecosystem, and power cross-domain analytics and automations. 
In this webinar, you will: 
  • Explore use cases for using the Universal REST PowerPack. 
  • See a live demonstration of building REST-based dynamic apps. 
  • Learn best practices for using the Universal REST PowerPack to build your own applications.