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ScienceLogic PowerPacks

Traditional IT monitoring solutions are fundamentally flawed because of the inability to extend their systems beyond what is delivered out of the box. They force you to buy additional boxes for each problem you want to solve, making it even more difficult to monitor an already complex environment.

ScienceLogic has taken a different approach. We bring together hundreds of pre-built monitoring applications called PowerPacks, developed by our community of users and our internal experts. Like Apps for your smartphone, PowerPacks enhance and extend your ScienceLogic deployment.

PowerPacks include automations to collect, assess, visualize, and take actions on key performance, configuration, and asset data from your entire IT stack, across a variety of technologies. You can see what you have, know what’s working and what’s not, and take corrective actions. So you can make faster decisions.

ScienceLogic customers can easily download PowerPacks from our Customer Portal. And it’s easy for you to build your own. Get started today and see the power and flexibility of the ScienceLogic hybrid IT service assurance platform.

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