Deep Monitoring Visibility for IBM SoftLayer Cloud Services


When public cloud services first emerged, they quickly became the de-facto environment for rapid prototyping, testing, and QA functions. As organizations became more comfortable with public cloud, more production workloads began to appear. However one major inhibitor for mainstream cloud adoption still persists—a lack of management visibility. Once production workloads reach the cloud, it is critical that they be managed in the same way as traditional applications running on-premises. Long established methods and procedures—developed to enable on-premises production applications to be fully monitored and managed—can be extended to those in the cloud, maximizing availability and performance for end users.

Map and Monitor your SoftLayer Cloud

Monitor events from all SoftLayer devices and manage alerts to your user base upon failures, degradations or other threshold conditions. Treat each element in SoftLayer the same way as your on-premises or legacy elements, so you retain seamless management practices and avoid the complexity of multiple toolsets.

Clear visibility is crucial to effective management. Our live Dependency mapping capability lets you see all of your SoftLayer cloud elements in real time and maps their interdependencies. See connections between each compute element and its associated storage services while viewing network consumption. Drill down into each element to validate configuration details and see how each element is performing over time.

Our comprehensive dashboards let you view any device in any region, along with Top N views for the busiest elements so you can immediately identify hotspots and capacity hogs. You can build multiple dashboards in minutes, to provide a range of visibility to suit different users. For hybrid applications that employ on-premises resources mixed with SoftLayer elements, you can view these together in a single-pane-of-glass view—since ScienceLogic also monitors legacy and on-premises elements.

For organizations adopting a multi-cloud or federated cloud approach, ScienceLogic gives you comprehensive visibility of a range of cloud services, including AWS, Azure and vCloud Air, in addition to SoftLayer. For hybrid or multi-cloud deployments you can easily map dependencies between on-premises IT and components deployed across multiple clouds.

Automatically discover and map all of the elements in your SoftLayer
environment, as well as their dependencies.

Migrating Workloads to SoftLayer

When preparing to migrate VMware or Hyper-V workloads to SoftLayer, our cloud migration report gives you the data you need to catalog on-premises workloads before and after migration. The report profiles workload resource usage (CPU, Memory, Disk and Network) to assist with sizing elements for the cloud of choice.

Comprehensive Monitoring Visibility – Virtual, Physical, or Legacy

In addition to SoftLayer monitoring support, the ScienceLogic platform gives you comprehensive coverage of legacy IT elements, whether virtual, physical, hosted or on-premises. We monitor networks, servers, storage and applications as well as the cloud, giving you complete visibility of hybrid IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring platforms.

Automatically apply the right monitoring policy to each SoftLayer element
while also benefitting from the ability to drill into every asset to view specific
performance and availability information.

Key Benefits

ScienceLogic gives you a clear view of your SoftLayer cloud. Our solution helps you troubleshoot issues, keep tabs on workload migrations, and manage everything in between.

  • Discover infrastructure elements placed in SoftLayer including account, region, datacenter, virtual and bare metal servers, networks, load balancers, and storage
  • Map the relationships between them automatically in real time
  • Monitor availability of compute and storage resources
  • Monitor virtual server performance (CPU, Memory, Disk usage)
  • Collect detail on load balancer and bare metal server configuration and status
  • Collect and manage events from all SoftLayer elements
  • Track spending with a summary of your account invoice