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ScienceLogic SL1: Empowering Service and App-Aware IT Operations

ScienceLogic SL1’s context-infused AIOps platform is the key missing component in most IT Ops environments. SL1 collects data from any technology— running on prem or in the cloud— and stores that curated data in a real-time, operational data lake.

SL1 adds context to the data lake using natively discovered infrastructure and application relationships and topology. SL1’s PowerMap technology can also merge app relationships provided by Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools and then map both infrastructure and applications into business and IT services. This powerful context makes it easy to proactively identify root causes, automate resolutions, and reduce the cost of outages.

SL1 takes action on the contextual real-time data lake by syncing event, incident, configuration, and relationship data with external configuration management databases (CMDB) such as ServiceNow. Proactive actions can be automated to enrich incidents with rich diagnostic data and remediate incidents.