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ScienceLogic Subscription Business Grows 135% Year-over-Year as Hybrid IT Takes Off

IT Monitoring software provider ScienceLogic is experiencing dramatic growth as enterprises and governments move in large numbers to leverage Hybrid IT—or the ability to burst to the public cloud to meet fluctuating computing and business requirements. The only IT monitoring provider to have architected its products specifically to meet Hybrid and multi-cloud IT monitoring requirements, ScienceLogic reports year-over-year subscription GAAP revenue growth of 135 percent and year-over-year subscription customer acquisition of 125 percent.

“We had already anticipated an increased demand for Hybrid IT monitoring, and the demand exceeded our expectations,” said Dave Link, CEO, ScienceLogic. “Our customers are telling us that ScienceLogic’s platform is the only solution suited to meet evolving, complex Hybrid IT demands and we’re pleased to report that the market at large also supports that view.”

Recent survey data of 1,200 organizations revealed a significant increase in the number of companies leveraging Hybrid IT.* Most report great business benefits from having done so. Survey data also suggests that while adoption is exploding and investment increasing, most enterprises are unable to monitor and control the accompanying sprawl, lack hybrid IT management skills, and do not have proper visibility into their clouds—all resulting in significant infrastructure availability and performance risk. ScienceLogic attributes much of its business success over the last year to having an award-winning monitoring platform that addresses this urgent enterprise and government need, while continuing to address the changing needs of service provider customers.

2014 ScienceLogic key achievements include:

  • Year over year subscription GAAP revenue growth of 135%
  • Year over year subscription customer acquisition of 125%
  • Launched hybrid IT dependency mapping – allowing customers to automatically map and visualize their public and private clouds
  • Added a number of marquee Fortune 500 customers such as Kellogg and others, who have reported strong ROI, and ability to reap the full benefits of Hybrid IT
  • ScienceLogic became the first IT Management company to secure DoD UC APL Certification
  • ScienceLogic completed integration with and received certification from ServiceNow® and Citrix
  • ScienceLogic was named leader in EMA’s Network Availability Monitoring Report

“We are excited to be inside the tornado of the Hybrid IT market,” said Dave Link. “The future of IT is Hybrid, and organizations, especially large ones, are embracing it because of the cost savings and efficiencies gained. In hybrid and multi-cloud environments, complete end-to-end monitoring and visibility is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have.”