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Emerging Australian Healthcare and Aged Care Service Provider Replaces Open Source Solution with ScienceLogic

Microsolve selects ScienceLogic to provide a customised approach to network monitoring

Microsolve, an IT infrastructure solutions company with a focus on Health Care and Aged Care, has chosen ScienceLogic’s next generation IT monitoring software to better serve the needs of its customers by replacing an open source monitoring tool. Microsolve was challenged with the same problem nearly every growing service provider using open source tools is challenged with- they were experiencing great pains as environments and requirements evolve more quickly than some products can support. The deployment provides Microsolve with the ability to overcome recent obstacles and easily perform in-house customisations and scripting to meet the needs of its unique environment. Specifically, ScienceLogic was chosen for:

  • True Multi-Tenancy: Highly automated, multi-tenant capabilities built from the ground up provide multiple levels of data segmentation, by user profile, customer profile, geography profile, technology profile, and other profiles.
  • Customisation: The open architecture of ScienceLogic’s monitoring solution allows customers like Microsolve to easily adjust the platform to fit their unique environment. Customisations can be done in minutes to dashboards, reports, scripts, and other aspects of the solution.
  • Scale: With plans to add additional services and new customers coming on board rapidly, Microsolve needed to be able to easily scale.

“We were at a tipping point with our open source solution,” said Microsolve’s Business Development Manager, Alan Robinson. “Our existing tool was not meeting our needs and we needed a customisable, commercial product to replace it. With our focus on productisation, it was also critical that we find a true multi-tenant platform that could provide visibility to each of our customers without requiring excessive man-power from our end.”

“Coming from a service provider background, we knew we had to build a product that was truly multi-tenant and could be quickly and easily customized,” said David Link, CEO, ScienceLogic. “No two service providers are alike and every IT infrastructure is completely different. With the service provider in mind, we built, and continue to improve on, a product that consistently exceeds the expectations of service providers like Microsolve.”

ScienceLogic’s software integrates the core IT monitoring functions needed to run today’s complex, distributed computing infrastructures – including systems, performance, network, service, event, and asset management capabilities, as well as multi-tenancy, run book automation, and service desk – all in one product with one unified code base, user interface and centralised data repository.

About Microsolve

Microsolve’s solutions include Server and Network provision and support, Consulting, Procurement and Creative Services. Microsolve provided solutions scale from small business operations to large multi-site, multi-national corporations. Multi-site organisations form the basis of Microsolve’s client base taking advantage of the use of real time remote access technologies to remove any geographic boundaries from service delivery. As long as there is access to an Internet connection – Microsolve can assist.

By delivering support services based on outcomes and objectives rather than “hours and dollars”, Microsolve assist clients to focus on key business and system performance outcomes.
Fixed cost support services provide budget surety with outcome protection – all services are governed by Service Level Agreements that are measured and reported on regularly.

Microsolve’s focus is on providing clients with a “healthy infrastructure” – don’t just solve it, Microsolve it!!!!

For more information, visit www.microsolve.com.au.